January 17 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


My Dear Friend                                                            Tuesday 17th 1865

For the first time I take my pen in hand to

adress you in the new year, namely, 65. and although it still finds
you a prisnor, and as evry suchessive year brings its changes may
its change in store for you, be from prison boundays, to freedoms
enjoyment which lets us wander whare we will reguardless of all
limits. I had a short chat with Mrs Webb this morning, she required
after you said Mr Caumbaugh, Will had come to her for your adress
that they had heard from your parents and wished to send
you some things she gave him the adress which she sent to
me for Barrocks No 7 instead of No 1 I suppose it will be all
right As we have had ow material change since the election your
Parents will come John F Bucker is here took the oath and
was released from prison. It seems to me if you were a
cousin or Brother of mine you[crossed out]. I think I should have had
you out of there long ago. You think your friends will want
you to come home imediately wish me to tell you what
I think of it I believe I have already told you my opinion
any how you shall not have it the second time till I
know of what weight or consequence it would be with
you | there now you have my answer Nattie Hokins
is haveing her wedding close made, she marries a
Luit Foster from Louisville MO says she will do
very well. You think the young folks of Georgetown
are trying to see which will marry first Wonder
that Rube has not taken flight ere this you
that she never comits any rash acts, I attended
the funerall of Maud Johnnsons wife this morning Fannie
Causey that was. Mary Ellen Fitzgerald was also put in
the Vault yesterday week ago both died with fevor
they were down some six or eight weeks. Silas C Joe E__
Frank A are still on hand. I have such a cold
I cannot speak above a whisper. dont you now it
goes hard with me when I cant talk. there was a
Mr Parks to see me from the country yesterday I had
to set up and whisper to him all the time he had
a good laugh at me, he said when I first went in
that he thought some one was dying or he had
gotten in to the wrong hose. But as I fear I am going
out side of my bounds I must close Oh for a good
long chat to tell you all the news

I have not forgotten

the Preture. I like to forgotten to tell you. You remember
the nice basket of Peaches received by me one evening
when you were here sent by johnnie Kidd well he
is married to dont you feel sorry for me.

My love to

somebodies big baby.

Write soon
Your friend
Mollie C Burns


Mr John J Haun
Prison No 3. Barrocks No 1
Camp Chase Columbus

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Jan 18

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