January 3 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


New years gift Miss Mollie
Camp Chase Ohio Jan 3rd 1864

Dear Friend
your letter of the 22nd was received in due time
and this being the sabbath will appropriate it to this
purpose. I assure you I appreciate it as much or
more than any Christmass present I ever received
I feel highly honored to think you stay at home
long enough to write me a letter. Chalk I like to hear
of you enjoying yourself where did you find the
word Dirty Rebels. I used it in my letter to a
ladie friend in Georgetown and thought perhaps
you had seen or heard of it have you or not. It
would seem you have turned out to hard dancing
speaking of the one at Frymans I never shall forget
that eventful evening. Oh what acontrast to that
evening and the present time applied to my case
but the hope of getting my liberty ere long has
not entirely forsaken me. Mollie you see I did
as you big me by writing to Jimmie Crumba
ugh. I believe I will take your advice in future
be sure and do not give me any but good
Is it possible young men are so scarce you have
come to the necessity of taking old widowers for
escorts to public places good heavens, you give a
glowing discription of him I see no reason why you
should object to a limited number of little honse
organs I am fond of seeing them around aint
you. I used to have some scruples on that point
myself but have long since done away with such
foolish ideas. If that is your only objection just
take my advice & do not let anything of that sort
interfere. Just imagine me promenading at
the supper with you for the limited space of
five minutes at the expiration of which time the w
idower can again take his place and eat sweet
cakes. I had heard of the death of Dve May last
spring also the marraige of my old sweetheart
Annie, so Mr Galliham is married I do think
there is a chance for you and I yet but I ima
gine you have already had several chances from
all I can learn for instance George Jackson
Mollie you have not failed in your attempt
as regards posting me in the news about
town and vicinity as I said before
it was indeed a valuable Christmas gift just do
so again Mollie my letter must necissarily be any
short I wish I could write as much as I would like
but your letters kneed not necessarily be any
shorter Mollie I am making a breast pin
having nothing else to do you can guess who
it is intended for I wish to deliver it in person
It is useless to say I should like to have been in
Georgetown spend my christmass, my kindest
regards to Miss Allie Toymans and Miss
Dora catch her new years gift for me so as
I can get it when I see her. Mollie I would give
three brass buttons to have a chat with you
nothing more while I remain your friend
write again if you can possibly find time


P.S. please excuse this uninteresting letter
and I will endeavour to do better next time
I like to unravel such puzzles as you
speak of

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