July 10 1867

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Lexington, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Lexington Wednesday Morning July 10th / 67

Mr Haun, Dearest One
We are still in L____ but expect to go down
to the City tomorrow at Noon, or
at least make a start, for that destination.
We have enjoyed ourselves remarkably well severall
Ladies & Gents come up for us yesterday eve
and we went out to the Lunatick Assilum
went all through it is one of the [illegible]
places I ever seen Dr Chiply Son the proriter
told me Riche Steverson was considerablle
better he made his escape and got down
in town was trying to borow money to
buy something to eat when they foun him
ther is many mad looking specable, indeed
Mr Cozain Willie Price Bert McLally Mr Merker
Charlie Johnson & Brother too Mr Mc[illebile]
Mr [illegible] Winkle, all old friends, and
a host of hidd boys, so you see we
do not lack for attendance but have
company to go with us any whare we
want to go Bert wants to know if
he cant put my Georgetown beau out
of the way I told him it would
take just about a dozen such as him
to accomplish that. But went to
the reform church with one Sunday
eve we attended the batis in the
morning. ther is a protraden meeting
at our church, conducten by a minister
from Richmond Va Hatty Aubry
has called on us also Frank Faner
We are going out to the Cemetry on
our return I have set tomorow week
to return on, to Lexington will then
stay here a few days and then go
to Woodford, you must write so I
can hear from you on my return
from Covington I wish you were enjoy
ing this [illegible]round with us, I wrote to
ma on monday did you hear her speak
of receiving it. was sory to hear of Billie
misfortune. I have had a very sore throat
from geting wet in that Old stage
but am about well now. it is the
first cold I have had this summer
much love to Frank R____ Lady & Sister
Tess tell her to take great care of
my sweetheart but not to steele
him entirely away Aunt & cousin
laugh at Dora and myself about
a little walking breaking us down
and wonder what we will do in
the city, I weighed and what
do you think. I weighted the hole
amount of one hundred five 1/2 lbs
You would not have, such a poor little
girl would you, never mind I intend
to eat a heap and get fat. But
bad pen ink and still poorer writin
will stop. I may write to you while
at C___ and may not, till I get back,
with much, very much Love to you
I remain as ever, your own loving
Mollie, who has almost concluded
she has no pleasure unmixed
without thee as she often think how she
would like to have you along but
with a kiss
Good by. Mollie C Burns

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