July 28 1867

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday eve
Georgetown July 28 67

Miss Mollie

Dearest one after

trying for a good many days to
ascertain if possible your where
abouts without success have con
cluded to venture a letter at anyrate
directed to Lexington. I recieved
your letter dated July 10th stating
your were about starting for C
Mr Jenkins Recvd me last
Thursday saying you was com
ing to Paris & then to Lexington
Do you see I did not know
where to write not withstanding
you told me you would be in
Lexington the next week. But
I thought your nices would
prevail on you to stay with
them longer than you calculated
to which I think is perfectly right
on your part to stay with them
awhile as you go so seldom to see
them & probably it might be the
last visit you will make them
for some time as somebody expects
to take a trip soon. But why did
you not write to me while at
Lexington so as I could know
where & when I coud answer it
for I am always glad to write
to some people if they do not
weight but little Town is very
dull now. Warren Johnson was
buried yesterday at 3-00 at the
cemetry & Brad Rankin to
day two deaths right together
worrins was disease of the heart
Brad had been lingering for
a long time. Warren was a clever
boy I suppose his mother takes
it very hard being the youngest
of the family. But such things
will be. I suppose you have
enjoyed yourself finely at C.
I know you found a new sweet
heart in your rounds & nearly for
gotten the old one. But the old
one has not forgotten [Rube?] I was
at your home a few nights ago
and stayed until after eleven
with your Ma & talked about
many things as you advised me
to while you were gone. She told
something on you that I was
not aware of something you
told her concerning myself &
Rube. Now you told me you never
said anything to her concerning
it never mind she said it had
cost her several sleepless nights
on account of it but said it was
all right now. So you see I took you
at your word that time
I expect you will be afraid to
come home anymore wont
you. I have been prettie sick
since you left for several days
but am about well again. what
is Dora doing & where is she gone
to servic or some other co. most
every one asks me when you
are coming home if I aint lon
some while you are gone but
I have been sitting to Jule been
to Fannies twice to see them Fan
nie has been right sick for sev
eral days but is getting better &
the baby is getting sick the boys
have formed a brass band and are
practicing every night or so
I saw your cousin Fannie last
week in a buggy the other side of
June Wards I supose she was
coming to them to see her sister
I did not stop looked like Mrs
Marvin with her. I suppose
you heard Jim Long had a baby
left at his door some time since
but you will hear all the news
when you get home if you dont
stay too long. Emma Jenkins
left yesterday to take a visit for a
month to Louisville & she will
get to see Porter I suppose while
there your Pa Frank & I are
going fishing Monday night also
T Holding out at his mill
to catch cats dont you wish
you were here to help eat some
if we get any. I want to see
Rube so much a dozzen
kisses would not be a circumstances
for me to steal at one time
write as soon as you get this
& tell me when you are coming
home I want to see you so much
but I dont wish to hurry you
home before you are ready to
come so good bye till I see
you with a sweet kiss as ever your
lover I subscribe myself your J…

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