July 29 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [camp chase]


Prison 3 Barracks No 7
Camp Chase Ohio
July 29th 1864

My dear friend
According to your
request I seat myself for the purpose
of answering your letter of the 21st which
came to hand yesterday evening so you
see I am ever willing to do your bidd
ing. “good boy am I not” I hardly know
how to commence to write an answer to
your long letter. I can assure you it was
welcome with joy. I have not got entir
ly over the affects it produced yet but I
see something in it that causes me
to put on my studying cap. I also see
things I never found you guilty of before
but they are not very serious offences that
is a little flattery when you talk of showing
ones pretty face in Geo town. However I will for
give you if you will promise not to do so aga
in “will you” Mary wont you allow a fellow

Jimmie Crumbaugh sent me a suit of clothes after [illegible]

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I shall return in my [illegible] when I come home wher there is so much sweet I should
not be afraid to [illegible] I’ve got a sore mouth too? it is from a simpathy for your I suppose

to joke you a little sometimes about your bad
ness. I go by contraries, when I say bad I mea
n good, you will please take it that way
in future dont forget Mollie I am wry
sorry you think I do not pity you when
others are so ready to sensure you. you
know but little of me if you think for one
moment I would desert a friend in adversi
ty that is forign to my nature, Do not
put your self to unnecessary trouble to asc
ertain the weight of the girls as the origin
al suits much better than any other for
I know she is plump pretty and very
neat with all. Mary do you think I wo
uld go to Cal without calling to see you
if I could prevent it. I donot know what
course I will pursue when I getout I’ve
not even told my parents but would willing
ly tell you if I know myself. I cannot im
agin what it is that is going to happen concer
ning your self, unless it is your wedding is
it or not if so I should like to have an invitation
to see it, must close my next letter will be
a continuation of this one as I ca
not say all I would like in this. Rube I have
but little hope of getting to Ky soon if I get
out soon I will write you a long letter write
very soon accept my best wishes for your
future welfare you sour girl good bye
while I ever remain your worst enemy


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