July 30 1863

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 Recipient: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Sender: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Prison No 3 Barrocks No 50
Camp Chase July 30th 1863

Miss Mollie C.B Thinking you would like
to hear from an old acquaintance the fate of wh
ich no doubt you have already learned ere this
This being the first time I have had the pleasure
of writing to you and I sincerely hope you will
not think I am presuming too much by taking the
liberty o penning you a few lines knowing you to
have been guilty of a correspondence with a bach
elor suffering the same fate as myself why not
correspond with another. Knowing your goodness
of heart I take it for granted you say yes. It is
useless to give an account of my trip as the papers
will do that in a much smaller space and bet
ter style than I can suffice it to say the bulk
of our command took up its abode in this deligh
tful place the 26th of July. I would like to see you
and them and could say as much as I liked but
as it is we are limited to a certain space and th
at very small as you will see, we have been tre
ated very well so far and I hope it will contin
ue while we remain here I was captured near
Cheshire on the ohio river the 20th of July but
not until my faithful animal  your na
me sake gave out so I surendered. John Herr
itt Howard Graves Clem Nutter and Sinia Har
ris are with me I would like to take a peep at
that picture I left with you when I left town
but would much rather see the original but as
there is no chance of that for the present I would
content my self with the picture but suppose I
will have to content myself with out the sight of
either well such is life justice[?] webb said you
made some inquiries about me but he had
not time to go into particulars I must close as
I have finished the alotted space write as soon
as you get this, your friend     J.J.H.

P.S. direct letters to Camp Chase prison
No 3

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