June 30 1863

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 Sender: Maggie Webb
Sender Location: Walnut Hills, OH
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Walnut Hills Ohio
June 30

James J. Haun Esq.

Dear Sir,
Yours has
just been received. am sorry
my arrangement did not suit
you. you did not say you wanted
the gold & knowing I could
sell it to better advantage
here then in the country
I did so having no idea but
that you wanted the funds
for immediate use. Send
me back the draft having first
endorsed it to me & I will
forward the gold forthwith.
I presume however you can
without difficulty change the
gree backs to gold where you
are in which case it will be
better for your to do so than
to have it sent by express.
Maggie K. Webb


Write me however you may decide about it.

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