March 13 1867

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: [unknown]
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Wensday Morning Mar 13th/67

Mr Haun,

Dearest of all. You letter did not reach me

untill yesterday morning I expected one saturday
and then, thought- you would be over on
sunday, consequently would not write, when
you did not come, attributed your non
appearance to disagreable weather but full
expected a letter on Monday eve, and
then to be disapointed again it was
more then I could stand, and you
may think me foolish and weak but
I as certainly look a cry over it, as I am
pening these lines. I cannot bear disapointment
and then, I get uneasy, imagine
a thousan and one things might have happened
I received Mrs J- letter Monday eve read it and
then finished in a cry they all laughed at
Mr & Mrs K- Sallie Marvin said it was because
I did not hear from you. Mrs J did not
mention your name in her letter. consequently I thought
something might have happened, and she
would not tell me for she always has so much
to joke me about. I made them believe
it was something in her letter I was distressed
over. I suppose it was the mood I was
in I know my feelings partake of
the weather, so you see it would not
be suppresing if I did, have the
high strikes such weather, it seemes to
me that of Heavenly Father is about
to transfer the Ocean to our part of
the Globe, talk of midway
burning up just wish it to wash
any way and you will be more apt
to be gratified. I thought of coming
home the last of this week, but cousin F
will not hear to it says we have
been so weather bound that I should
come till we have seen round some but
I wish you would go up and see Ma
ask her if she wants me to come home
and I will come imediatly. I intend
to have the naming of that New kinfolks
of mine. Poor Johnie F___ his death
was sad indeed. I suppose you have
heard of the death of Lord Elander
of Woodford co. a dispatch reached
here yesterday, from Chicago Il whare
he died of consumption such is life.
vast earthly posessions, or but morephine
cannon protrach our stay, when the
grim master calles I am glad to hear
that Julia has like Martha of
old chosen the better part. I intended
to write to you tonight, but have
promised Mrs M to stay all night
with her, hence I have written this
morning, I cannot slight somebody
by not writing to him if I do, everybody else.
give my kindest regards to Frank R___, and
tell him I am still expecting that promised
letter, and so Frank A___ is at last
married. We got in the buggy and rode
round yesterday to see the creeks and bridges
the roads are all overflowed but we take
a ride every evening rain or shine for
we cannot step out unless we ride I
suppose Ma has heard of Mrs Melon
bother freezing to death- Jessie Colbut. I
have not written home because I think
Ma hears through my other corespondence
as my papa is giving out or at least this
sheet and they are calling me to dinner
I shall close. write soon, and come
over Sunday if you can surely
after the 15th we will have some pretty
weather I long to see the sun again.

Hubby, I shall close as you like,
loveing by your own. Tootsy

I shall look for you

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