March 2 1867

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Saturday Night March 2nd 1867

Mr Haun

Dear Friend,
Allow one to comence by scolding a little,

and perhaps I will grow, little more affectionate toward
the close of this epistle as you did in yours. Love you
know is a strang charmer, and a little jealous of
slights, or at least immaginary slights. Now after such
professions from you. It seems to me your address
is exceedenly formal and stiff. But any way I
should like to see you so much to night, and have
a cosie little chat, we had quite a snow storm
this evening, it seems as thought old King winter
is lothe to leav us yet a while. But as I am
so cosy at present will not complain of weathers
decrees. I am sitting up in my room by a good
hot fire, and have just tucked little Bettie up
in bed whare she is snugly naping it conseque
ntly all is quiet around and not being sleepy
an in a medilateve mood,a nd some how any
thoughts will dwell on you, once in a while can
not account for it do you thing they are profatebly
employed, any way I intend to drop you a
few lines as, to morow is Sunday, and it is
against my prinsepolls to write letters on the
sabath. considering it sabath breaking, tending
to our carnal duties, an a day, dedicated for
more holier things, and then I feel in th emood
to talk to you, feel it to be a pleasing
perfermance, and not writing merly to you
acording to promis, as you state in yours.
although I feel as though I had entirely forgotten sake
how to write a letter think if I donot pratcus
more will have to quit entirely. But from the
tenor of the preeceding, you will think I
am disposed to scold. Consequently I
shall shall quit, as I comenced in a
formal style, like your self. You toward
the last grew affectionate, so like wise I
shall do, to say nothing of the feelings I experienced
all the way through, but for the proverble
trait in my carachter contraryiness, would not
give my tender feelings scope, for the sake of
a little retaliation. But happiest are those
who condescend the most. an I will take
mine all back. For if I would see somebody
tomorrow, not a thousand miles off to pet
me, and call me loveing names. I would
not have it in my heart to do any thing
but love him more and more. But now
dont turn round and call this a Yankee
way of apologizing but rather let a milder
term, one more gentle, be applided—-just
say she is writing this stuff merly for the
sake of filling up her letter—. Although I
have had bad weather. I am enjoying myself,
as I will do when I take a notion. You
must let me know if you intend
to come over tomorow week. write during
the week say Friday, I will get it. are all
well at home. I wan to write an answer
to Mrs Jenkins letter to night, and Betties snugly
snoosing, makes me feel like crawling in myself
to succum to the drossy God, sleep. Frank Korper
was up this evening to see us, treated to lots of rasins +
candy, which you know all children like myself love. I wish
you would please ask Johnnie Sheritt about my album
I never think of it when I see him and am afraid
they will get them lost, had not had them
since last summer, tell him I ask you
to get it for me as I awnt some friends to write
in it. Well I shall close with a good night
kiss for your, and whole heaps and lots of
love, in my letter, which I shall close, and
seel up as I am sleepy. If you see Mrs J-
just say that I will respond to her dear letter
on monday night.

loveingly you own,


P.S. love to all at home

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