March 24 1867

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday March 24th 67

My own Dear Mollie
This is a beau

tiful day and my thoughts are of you
consequently feel very much like talk
ing to you if it is on paper. Oh how
I would like to spend this sabbath eve
in your company and listen to that voice
& steal a glance at that bright sunny
face of yours then the evening would
glide away pleasantly to me. But per
haps you think I am going into
conniptions over your charms but I
cannot express the half I feel for you love
I went to the reform church this morning
and listened to Mr McGinn but it
is such a pretty day I can hardly
stay in the house we have one
case of small pox in town or Rather
it has been moved out near Degarn’s
mill last night, Mrs Jenkins said
she got a letter from you & that
you did not get the card I threw
over until after I passed in my way
home I saw cousin Fannie at the
window as I passed home but dont
think I seen you. you were not up
when I passed in the morning but
saw some one open the back door
& look out throught it was you or
the house maid was it or not love
I did not think I would go Tuesday
when I was over or I would have
told you Dora will commence school
in Edmensons house tomorrow mor
ning. I sent down the school desks
for her. I have been to yoru house
very often lately, Dora says much
oftener than when you were at home
but I naturally love the place & inm
ates, had quite a game of marbles with
boots and Jim. Bob Smell has joined
the Baptist Church at last and is
the best man in the world
I am going down to see Mrs
J and swap a few lies with her
and then I will finish my letter
the students are all farming & going
up to be prayed for girls and all
they will get a good harvest I
expect this time. Well I have seen
Mrs Jenkins she says she will not
write to you tomorrow for you will be
so glad to get my letter you will per
haps be unnoticed but I told her you
was not that sort of lady, But she
says she had sweethearts when she was
young & knows how they do. so I supp
ose you will be home this week well
I will be very glad for you dont know
how much I want to see you. I am
afraid you will sit to close to that
Dr over there. I have spies to taks
items for me over there so mind how
you cut your capers while away, speak
Elgin Tom Barkley & myself took a walk
out to Dick Thomkins this evening, and
staed about an hour with him
and old Frank Dayne. The negroes
had a baptising this evening Baptised
about thirteen or fourteen. one woman
got to shouting in the water and kicked
very high for a girl and a man
got happy also so you see the town
is growing decidedly better fast. Love
I don’t know of anything new to write
you, this is the first pretty day weve
had for a long time. I went up to
se Dora about Church time but
she had company from the country
she had been to Mr Moores & had
just got home. I must bring this
to a close as I shall retire early
tonight write to me the last of the
week if you do not come home, but
I would rather see you in person
so good bye you darling sweet lovely
angel till I see you as ever your
own devoted until death
P.S. Please excuse envelope Hubby?

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