May 1 1864

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Georgetown May 1st 1864

Dear Friend
It is Sunday, and I have stolen away

to my room to comune with you, for a while before
going to Sunday school Sister Fannie is in spending
the day with us she is liveing away out of town
as I think at, Mr Easons place, and the little
hats keep to much noise to think of attempting
writing near them. It is a very pretty day quite
a large baptizing at three this evening which
I shall attend and look for you and me too
as you use to attend them, about half of
the coledge and Mr Farmans Girls as renal
ever spring, I donot rember whether I told you
of John Roaches death in my last or not
he killed himself with whiskey. I attended
Gabbie’s infare, never had more fun in
all my life, had the prettiest set table I
have see for a long time, such as Mrs F__ in
her exquisite task alone knows how to set loaded
with all rare delicaces, and abundance of musick Gabbie
looked as sweet as a peach. Billie as though
over cloud has a silve lineing He told me
that he thought he had acompleshed wonders
in getting Minnie. Barnie & Jennie are also
united in the holy bonds of Wedlock. I was
invited to attend. but it being in the
morning at 3 I could not get up to attend
my own weding as I told Jennie. But
I knew I would be up all night at Mrs F
and did not wish to appear dull an uninteresting
Miss Lizzie Mills marries a Federal Col the
last of this month, received a letter from
Dora yesterday sends her kindest regards to  you
Ady Jenkins or Reed arived yesterday
I wish that you could enjoy this lovely
May day associated with friends and
home I suppose you can fully realize
the full import of those two little words
{At Home} as you have been one of the many
that has forsaken all, Home and friends
to harken to your Country’s call, which
few know how to appreciate till lost I am
corponding with a Mr John H Colins from
Miss Prisnor at Rock Island. though Abbert
Crumbaugh influence Jimmie is still
in Canada, I was quite supprised when
I received the letter from R. I. answered it
requesting him to tell me how he got my
adress, he wrote me word that AGC was
quite an intimate friend of his. his letters
are very interesting, and he like you is willing
to excuse bad penman ship if I only will
consent to a corespondence. You must manag
to get here some way to see us before going
back into the army. I have not much
news to comunicate at present as out little
town affords none Tommie L says howday  I
indentd going to Louisville Miss Annie Price Dora
and my self on a visit the later part of
june or the first of july. as Brothrs Spruell
says no preventing provedence Mike Barlow
is still here quite a number received lotters
from their friends in the south yesterday
you have not shaved since you left
will you know what I admire and think is
most becoming if you must primp when
you come to see me, but I shant be
partickular if I could only have a short
look at you if long ones are not allowd

Write soon as you know

Mollie or Chalke likes to hear from you

Your friend
Mollie C Burns

Lots of ___________



Mr John Haun
Prison No 3 Barrocks No 22
Camp Chase Columbus

Dated May 1st
Received May 5th

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