May 11 [undated]

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 Sender: unknown
Sender Location: San Francisco, CA
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


San Francisco

Saterday Night
May the 11

Friend John I will drop
you A few Lines to
let you no that I Am still
in the land of liven but
thare Are a good meny here
that hardlie lives times
Are turble dull here And
Plentie of Idle men I called
in fore or five paint shops
And found men Siting A
Round waiting for A job
but I have ben pretie lucy
so far I helped A man A
couple of dayes on small
Job And I got Six dollars
for my help So I Am fixed
A plentie And I have the
promose of a job wensday
I founde Mr joshu he has
quit the painting business
he saies thare Are too dam
menie painters And I Am
A little like him I Am
A little like him I Am
geting disgusted with it
every day he is very thin
has very poore helth he
is now A book keeper for
Some parties in the city
I have got A Room in the
house whare he roomes on
fifth streat I called on
Emit the other daye like
him very much Well have
you sent for Mollie &
have been thinking it
would be best for you
to have her dispatch
to Emit in caise I would
be out in the city at work
And it would be safer to
have the dispatch to him
for he is rite at the landing
And let me no when you
send for her And I can
go down to Emits Stable
every night or so And finde
out when he gets the dispatch
And then I can meat her
At oaklan it would be
Safer to have her dispatch
to him well how are you geting
A long with your crop have you
plowed eny since I left you
Aught to put in All you can
for I tell you times Are very
tight I am going to try painting
for a while And if I cant
make it go I will take to the
woods I think I will come
down And bug ross & see
if I cant go in with him
And tend his place on
Shares I think I would make
A farmer you have no ider
the diference in Climate up
here and thare I have ben
Colde every since I landed
here And down there it is
so nice And warme
Well John this is Sunday And
I have just ben out to woodwor
Gardens with mr fosha I met
Peat Howard. Dock Hall And
Fent Whiting out thare thaye
Say that the rodes are turble
bad up thare they came by
the way of reno Give my
kindest Regardes to your
pa And ma I will close
Love to All

Direct your letter to Rottbury 2, 23 Corner of fith And Clemientiana

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