May 19 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Louisville, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY

May 19 1865

Dear Friend
Yours of the 9th was received by

Cousin Mary on last Saturday. I have been up
to town- for the last two weeks, and she would
not send it to me or I should have answered
it ere this. she does not allow me to stay
with Cousin Mag atall. keeps my letters to
get me, back. I was thinking you were
rather dilatory about writing. but had divined
your reason which proved true, on the
arivle of your letter with the explanation
{You dont see why I cant stay a little longer
with my Cousin, as no one is in a hury to
see me} Now dont You want to see me sure enough
you do to. Well I dont care if You dont I
want to see you any how. Andy Dora has
been out. I guess you all had a fine time
of it. But Dora is not to suplant me
in Unckle packs affections, for he used to
say I was one of this favorites if she
has in yours. And you all had severall romps well
that is just like all the boy that ever visited
our house they will somp and play with her
and sit back as if they had a horrow
of me, and I am sure I do not try to
inspire such a feeling. I love as well as any
one. Dora told you the joke did she, Cousin
enjoyed it finely but I was somewhat teased
over it Dora says I have not written telling
them when I was coming home. I presume
my letter must have arived after that for I
have written home that I intend to start
home this coming thursday. I donot think I
will allow any thing to detain me that
can be avoided. I want to see them all at
home so bad. I never stayed away from home
so long before. It looks to me like a dream
I can scarcely realize it the Confederacy
seems to have wound up in a perfect
hurrah President Davis is to pass through
here today or tomorrow. Many houses here
are still draped in morning for P__ L___
And you have heard from home I suppose
that they feel some what relieved now that you
are allowed to roam at your pleasure
Dont you want me to help you to drop
corn. I think I would make a splendid
hand dont you. with a little instruction.
a party of us visited cave hill Cemetry
on tuseday it is a lovely place I have
a leaf from Courtland Prentice grave
quite a number of Rebel Souldiers burried
there their graves are covered with flowers
planted by the ladie I also seen
the box with the remains of the Ky
Giant who lived and died at a little
place near hear called Shippenport
it was a very large box indeed he
was over 7 feet. I do not suppose your last
letter was opened in GT but it was
the fault of the [Gumerabe?] this arived
un molested do not know whether or not
you employed aunt Jemimas plaster
to seal it. I dont know the name
of those flowers I sent they came out of Cousins
yard consequently can not tell you the
emblem just attacked some pretty emoblem to them
to suit your self, and I will be satisfied.


you get this letter time enough to answer
before I start home, do so, if you think
not it will be be all right. I shall not stop
long on the way home. If you were here
this morning I would make you a pretty
boquet. The yard is full of flowers I
never seen as many roses in one place
before and such a variety. Now dont tell
me you are to busy to write, and have
no time only till after tea I expect you
are kept busy sparking some of the Girls
I am coming home and break up that
arangement. I dont intend to give up
all of any sweethearts to the Girls unless
the Gent in question is partickularly anxious
then I shall not have any thing else to

But for this morn, I shall bid you

adiew my love to Scheezicks.

As ever Your Friend
Mollie C B


[date stamp]
May 20

Mr John J Haun
Georgetown Scott Co

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