May 29 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday morning May 29th 64
Camp Chase Ohio

    Dear Friend
Your kind favor

of the 17th was received on the 24th and was delighted
to know you were in good health and that the ring
had reached its destination in safety I was fearful it
would not reach you not on account of its value but
I am somewhat like the fair sex I dislike to be disap
ointed even in trifling matters you say you will not
wear it until somebodys return home it is likely
somebody may never return you would never get to wear
it according to your doctrine. However you can use
your own discretion concerning it I am pleas
ed to know you appreciate it so highly mary I receiv
a letter yesterday from my ohio duck what do you thi
nk of that union girl too now if you will treat
me right clever and write to me often perhaps I will
let you see her letters I know you would like to see them
wouldn’t you the correspondence commenced in rather
a singular way by my writing letters for a prisoner

[aside] I have been a prisoner ten months & expect to be ten more

to her a mess mate of mine who was left at her
fathers house wounded for a short time I never saw
her but I think she is a nice girl. She says she hopes
I will not go into the Rebel army again she wishes to
send me something to read if I will accept it But I
will bet she is not half so prettie or facinating as somebody I know
she is well educated judging from the letters she writes
I was not aware I had a grand ma living if I
have was somewhat surprised to find such an
elderly lady wearing rings but tell grand ma I have
not forgotten her or the pleasant little chat we
once had on the steps one evening. Is your uncle
will at home or not? I suppose all the town boys have
been drafted or left home so the girls are with out
beaux for the present, is HHW still in town &
what doing you are a little selfish sure enough you
can do silly things whenever you please but I must
not dwell I suppose I will have to submit it to you as
I generaly do. The old song says it is the devils
hell on earth for a woman to wear the breeches be
carful or I will have to don a certain kind of app
arel I once spoke of in a letter to you I know you
do not wish to exchange with me just yet
is it Tom Barkleys daughter that is going to mar
ry Mr Wells I thought she was but a child
yet too young to marry yet Tell me where the
wells are from they must be worth catching
marrying so soon after coming to town I must
close for the present mary write soon and give me
all the news my respects to Tom L & best love to chalk while
I remain truly your friend love to Dora


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