May 30 1864

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Thursday May 30th 1864

    Dear Friend
I should have written to you soon

er But we have, had no mails, consequently it was
useless to have written. You are mistaken about
one saying I would not wear the ring, untill
somebodys return. I said it was just put on my
finger, there to remain untill somebodys return
Buddie Hollyclaw was married to Miss Mollie
Roberson on Tuesday last, a Young Lady that
lived with Mrs Fitzgerald, went to Louisville
are expected home this evening. Billie and
Gabbie F__ were round yesterday Dora does not
know of Buddies marriage yet, as soon as
She dismissed him, she left home for Henry
Co to take charge of a school. But will be
home in two weeks. Buddie set to Miss B
very desperately after, his and Dora’s falling out, and
I think was very anxious to beat her marrying
He blames Ma and I with an interferance
so I have heard, But dora’s own good sense
and judgement taught her that to marry
a man, and go on to his mother for a support
was not atall congenial to her independance
of charcter. You ask me if I would like to
see your Ohio ducks letters. I think I should
if there is no secret on hand. George and Jimmie
Cantrill Eaf Osborn Howard S__ made us a
visit about two weeks ago, just such as they
made that july when you were here Aivle
West also. I shook hands with the man, that
like to have been the means of your loosing
your hat, on that ocasion They came from L__
remained one day, and then went to C__ as
before, Mrs Webb received a letter from your
Ma to be fowarded on to you, which I
suppose you have received. John Lemon &
Rucker passed through Louisville as prisoners
taken in Georgia. Jimie Davis is also
a prisnor taken at mount Sterling Johnny
Sherritt is again taken, and sent to Jhonston
Island his own imprudence, recruting
in Oweing, horse short from under him
Fannie Johnson spent a week with
me, I went home with her and spent two days
We had Webb Harcourt & John Webb to chat
with the first day, they were out fishing and
took diner Mr Will Crockett spent the next
morning, went down to the mill and weigh
us, Fannie weight, was one hundred and one
his hundred seventy one, mine 121 1/2 lbs. De Juy?
is going to Harrodsberg to take charge of a school
there. Mr Aulghire is going to Penn to live
Mr Hinch back to In__ quite a number
of Citizens are breaking up and leaveing
on acount of the times. It is adviseable for
such as the Ganoes to leave I guess. It was
Tom Barcklys daughter I spoke of Hat W__
has been in the corn field plowing all
spring as they, like most every one else are
minus the colored help. Bob Hopkins was
to see me the other day, has taken the oath
the boys were after Johnny Beatty hat and
hearing, his life was to have paid the penalty
I had two visaters from LExington Sunday
remained untill after church at night, or
in fact Monday morning, Mr McCann and
Marsh one is a great big fine looking fellow
the other quiet small but hansome, McCann
has the finest picture galery in Lexington
Oour acquaintance was brought about in
such a funny way Mr McCann says it is
quite a little romance it would take me
to long to tell you about it there fore shall
wait till I see you. I think you have
been in close confinement long enough
to have been exchanged or released [ex?] this
do for goodness sake come and see us
or me eny how, I want to see if you are
the same Mr John Haun as when you left
or has time as in most all persons wrought
sad changes in your personal appearances

Let me hear from you very

soon, Tommies Love to you, and Marys two if
agreable, if not just send it back home
again Good by, may fortune favor you
very soon in a relase, and restoration of
former privolages, is my ardent wish

Mollie C Burns

Dated May 30th 64
vd July 5th 64

July 5

Mr John Haun
Prison No 3 Barrocks No 22
Camp  Chase Columbus

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