May 8 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
 Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday Morning May 8th 64
Camp Chase Ohio

    Dear Friend
As it is sunday and

my day for writing I will devote part of it in
answering your kind letter of the 1st of may
the day of all Picnics. “Can I have the exquisite
pleasure of accompanying Miss Mollie to the Orc
knie to day” I take it for granted you say yes
if you will behave yourself I am well and
thought how I would like to attend one in this
beautiful month. I am glad to learn two loving
heart are made happy in the persons of Gabie &
Billie. Tell him he did not act fairly with
me to take my sweetheart in my absence, dont
you think so. speaking of correspondents. I am
determined you shall not get ahead of me in that
line. I am corresponding with a young ladie
in this state near Cumberland Ohio miss Nannie
McClelland, received a ltter from her yesterday, telling
me to be hopeful, “that every cloud has a silver
lining.” I thought of your remark about Billie
the minute I read it. Mollie I would give anyth
ing in this world to pay a visit to G Town once more
and be a free man, but I have little hope
of it soon, I never knew how to appreciate liberty
when I had it not until now. Dora must be
paying a visit some place when at give her my
unbounded_____ when you write to her, Tell Tom
to make haste and get well enough to go fishing
writh me when I come. I want a jolly lot of girls
along when I go, “I can fully realize the import
of these two little words {At Home} I have receiv
ed a letter from my father recently and glad
to learn they were well and getting along finely
wish I could say the same of myself. I shall
try very hard to get to see you before I leave fin
ally, which one of the Crumbaugh boys was in the
Louisville prison last fall or summer. I heard
one of them was must close for the present
write soon. enclosed you will find a ring
made by myself out of a button, gold vine with
silver heart and leaves. if you get it I will send
you a prettier one. Tell Dora I have not forgotten
her. I might have the good luck to pop into
see you when you least expect me. tell me if
the ring is too large or small I had to guess at
the size. I will sew it to the letter
Mary write to me soon I should like so
much to see you truly your friend


give my lvoe to chalk

PS Rube the ring with a day silk
handkerchief     to make it shine

until I see you
I shall try and take care of what you admire most

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