November 16 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Thursday Night, Nov 16 1865

Mr Haun,

Dear xxxx imagine the word
Now dont scold or

think I am geting negligent about writing to you
for such is not the case. the reason I am writing
to you, with a led pencil is because it is ten
Oclock and after, and I am now in bed, writing
consequently cannot manage ink and pen
nimbly I intended ot write to you
tonight but was detered by a bean. the
same occured last week. the night I set apart
to write to you and by the same gen two
you had better look out. he is in the
grocery business and has recently bought
a dweling house and to sum up
is a maring man. You had better
make sure of that red headed [Dromly?]
Now I am teling you that but I dont
wish it. You just ought to have been here
to have helped me eat persimons I
had such a nice box of them sent
to me. Dick and I are going a
persimon hunting, last saturday
but his Pa was taken very sick
and we could not go. the pastor
went and had ltos of fun all
went on horse back. Cousin Fannie
says she is your friend. and says when
you get ready to make us another
visit that she has a horse to keep
yours company also plenty of corn on hand
I am geting home sick and want to
come home but C___ F___ says she
is not ready for me to come
home yet and I shall not go
home. I dont know when I
can get off from here. You want
one to complete sentences well just
wait till you come over, and I will
study about it, when were you up home
my home! Oh I want to see you so
bad. but I dont believe you believe
the half of it. do you tease. I am
geting so sleepy but if I close
up this letter. and not writing
last week, you will say well well,
such is the changeableness of woman
but I was disapointed myself at
not geting to write to you, and you
being disapointed for your know
doing such is foreign to my nature
Write very soon, and give me all
the news. I dreamed I received a
letter from you, and you scolded
me good fashion about something
shant say what aint I mean
but by the way give my love
to that red headed sweetheart
and tell her she does not think
half as much of you as I do,
and you can also tell her
you donot think half as much
of her as you do of me. The lovely gracous
preslion in the highest degree. I decl
are I am going to sleep ove this
I hope it will not disturb your slumber
as it does mine or it will not fulfill
the mission I design it  to my
dont you think I make a great
fuss about writing to you, well
the reason is this. I had a great
deal rather see you, and talk
to you than to be a scralling
this way

Write soon
As ever the same
Mollie C


The first thing you will think when
you see this is a Philadelphia
Lowyer near.

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