November 20 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Camp Chase Ohio Nov. 20th 64
Prison N 3 barracks N 7

Dear Friend
I hardly know how to communicate
lately to you having nothing that would interest you in the least but
I hope you will excuse them if they are uninteresting
your letter was not torn this time you have not failed in your attempts
to cheer me in my many dreary hours of confinement. I do assure you your
letters afford me a great deal of pleasure although they often bring news of the death
of some dear friend or relative, I have lost an uncle & cousin since I have
been in prison. I suppose you are going to the wedding of course. I wish to
make a request of you & think you ought to grant it & that is you will
kiss my new cousin for me as I cannot do it myself, no excuse will be taken,
so I Annie is going to marry soon have you heard from
Sinai Harris lately wonder if he wont give a big sigh as well as
my cousin charles what do you think of it but I shall not take
back my wish concerning the weight of one hundred & sixty pounds &
will bet if ever I get to G. town I will get a sight at somebody at all haz
ards & then probably I will hear that secret which has been so long denied
me but Think you ought to tell me in your next letter you know I
would tell you were the case reversed ask Dora if she will receive a ring
from an old friend like myself if so to let me know in your next & take one
of hers & ink the edge & press it on the paper so as I can get the size must
close. Is Cliff Yoppas still in town or does he live in the country
It depends a great deal on what the secret is whether I would exclaim
the body pracious or not with soon to your friend & receive his best love
what has become of Frank Allghier. If you only knew how much I wa
nted to tell you you would not deny me a sight of your weight. J. J. Haun was 180

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