November 6 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Camp chase Ohio Nov 6th 1864
Prison No 3 Barrack No 7

Sunday morning

Dearest Friend
Your welcome letter reached me

last Thursday bus as is usual of late part of it was torn off and
I was not permitted to see the name but of course I recognized the wr
iting and knew who it was from. I am glad you received the ring but
I think you are mistaken if you think two years is sufficient to erace the
memory of the most trivial affairs concerning Mollie. I thought the ring
would be full small for you but thought probably you would like it better
on that account. I have several little trinkets which I intended for you but ca
nnot well send them in a letter. I hope to see you someday ere long when
I can have the pleasure of offering them in person even if your name had
undergone a sudden change in the manner of Miss Laura R as nothing is
improbably these times no allusion whatever } I am truly glad you are in such
fine health and sincerely hope it may continue & that you will get to weigh
one hundred & sixty before the winer ends. Rube it is then that I would like
most to see you but stop you have forgotten to tell me what that was so wonderf
ul that was going to transpire concerning yourself, please tell me & do not keep
me in so much suspense, you ask why I do not apply to some of my friends
to get me released. Well I have tried every way I could think of I tried M
Polk several times but all to no purpose when adversity overtakes a man
friends generally desert him but if I have any good luck at all I can do with
out such friends. I have written to my father & think he will do all he can in
my behalf give my kindest regards to Dora when you write Rube continue to k
eep me posted as regards town news the best you can & often must close dont forget your
promise about the picture give my very best love to Chalk no division } J.J.H

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