November 8 1863

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Sunday AM Prison No 1 Barracks 9

Camp Chase Ohio Nov 8th

Dearest Friend

yours of the 29th was

received in due time and as you may
judge was perused with deep interest
coming from the source it did. In the first place
I am truly thankful for your sympathy in
my behalf not supposing it to be of any ben
efit to me here but shows your willingness
to use a military phrase to give “aid and
comfort to a fellow being in affliction.” “In
the words shows your heart to be in the rig
ht place” I received a letter from Jimm
ie Crumbaugh the same day I wrote you
one preceeding this but had not room to
mention it to you. so you will please tell
him I have received and answered
his letter with promptness and dispatch
for I haven’t the least doubt but you will
see him very very often. Judging
from the tone of his letter to me. I adv
ised him to visit you often for I thought
you would prove quite entertaining. He
wrote very much like a man in what
do you call it love I believe. At least looked so
to a blind man I suppose you had
a fine time at Mr Crumbaughs it is a wo
nder you never visited Miss Fannie before.
She used to plague me a great deal about
one certain miss mollie you can guess
who but I presume she did not men
tion that my sweetheart. Prettie girls
sell cheap in your section of the county
only fifteen cents. I would give twenty
in confed myself for one likely girl
such as yourself just think of it only fifteen
cents, I am glad to hear you are learning
to ride so well. probably I will get to take
a ride with you one of these days who knows
I have never received but one letter from
Jimmie. I shall certainly write to him
as you desire it. well who would have thou
ght it. I have more reasons to expect an
invitation to your wedding now than
ever. so you spoke to [Hat?] your heart of stone
has melted at last and you have condescen
ded so far as to incline that head from its
usual dignified posture. the “Goody Gra
cious”? so much for that. you are trying to get on
the good side of Hat? to get a bid to his wedd
ing that is right. Do you think I would get
one if I was there. you are going to Mr
Tugmans to spend a week again, will I ever
forget our visit to that delightful place I
think not and the times we used to go serena
ding there. give my regards to Miss Allie
and tell her we will give her another sere
nade one of these days. you ask me if I would
not like to go with you, you know I would, but
you sould not tantalize a fellow in that
way because uncle Sam sees fit to pay my
board for a stated period of time. my regards
to Dora and tell her I am sorry I caused
Buddie to leave her presence so suddenly
But if she will pardon me I will never
do so again also tell her I would like
to get a peep at that jolly good natural
looking face of hers. Mollie I will try and have
M.C.B put on your ring by the silver smith
if I can it is a silver band forming half m
oon at each end with a silver star nearly
touching each half moon. But I had no
business of saying anything about it for fear
something might happen that would prevent you from
getting it but I will not send it until I am cer
tain you will get it. of course I am proud to
to receive a letter from you if not why would I
show it writing a pretty hand is very well but
it is not the only accomplishment necessary for a
young lady to posses in order to appear
to advantage. I did not look at the hand writ
ing altogether but at qualities of more importa
nce. perhaps you call this a prettie hand if
you do you can not judge for me please do not
show this to any one for I am nervous to day &
can not write give my kindest regards to my
Ellen S if convenient & Mollie I must come to a
close. I employ in time my making rings &c
&c I have jsut finished five or six for an old
gentleman for presents to his daughters. He lives
near Richmond Ky. Tell Chalk she writes such
a sweet little letter while I remain your
true friend


P.S. Please excuse this this poorly
written production, mollie answer this as soon as

you did not tell me what had become of Mrs Seely your particular friend

I shall certainly commit another theft if opportunity

offers do you care,

Miss Mollie C. Burns
Georgetown Scott Co

Care of Mr
T.J. Burns

Dec 31

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