October 12 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Midway, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Thursday Oct 12th 1865

Mr J J Haun

Dearest of Friends,
As I cannot see you tonight

which I should like to do very much I consequ
ently have concluded to write and being desire
ous to know if you are convalessent or still
an invalid, you must take better care of
yourself for somebodys sake if not your own
I have been attending church every night
Mr Walk from Paris has been holding a
protracted meeting at your church. Good ma
aditions to the church they immerse them
just below here and quite a number of
the girls at the Orphon School have joined
they come here to dress after being imersed Clifford
and some of the older girls came with them
I have been to see her often, and have a
chat every night after church. she says if
you should come down and not come to
see her she would never forgive you. I entertain
my beaus in regular country style being
acomodations for both man and beast
Dick T__ came in last sunday eve, had his
horse put up, look supper and we then went
to church, came home and he staid till
ten oclock. I was not aware that you
were critizing me, the night of the Circus,
or that I was exciting any feelings
of admiration in the breast of One I
desired most to please on that ocasion
you speak of one of the managers assisting me
to a seat and puting his arm around
my waist, the seats were very unsteady was
the reason he did it. I intended to ask
you if you noticed it but something
prevented and it then sliped my memory
I did not know you noticed it, did
Joe & Millie see it, or did you speak of it
to them. I would just have that show man
to know, that my waist is not to be considered
publick property to be ensirkled by any
body that might choose to do so. cousin
Fannie and myself will be over one day next week to
spend the day, but donot know what
day, as we are controled by circumstances
but I expect to return, with her as I
have given her my promis to stay, and
help her quilt and do some of her
fall sewing. I received a letter from
home the same day yours came cousin
Fannie is very nicely fixed down here, and
if you choose to come down one day and
stay till the next I think you would
enjoy your visit very much. Cousin Fany
is a great hand for young folks and
takes a great deal of pains to entertain
my visators. We both have our own fun
together. She says she is going to inform
you of my flirting with the country
boys down here. I tell her that it
would just pleas you to know I am enjoying
myself. I have been quite well but have
another siege with that tooth Cousin Fannie
mad me take a bottle of champhor, one
of laudaunum and a bottle of whiskey to
my room one night to try the soothing influence
of all, but to no effect, the pain till predom
making. I seen stars for sertan untill after
being worn out after midnight just conclud
to drink whiskey untill it put me to sleep
Cousin F__ makes us all get up so soon, but
that morning she said she felt so sorey for
me. hearing one pace my floor she let me slep
as long as I wanted to Sallie McConnel now
Mrs Waits is at church every night, she is now
living out in the country at her Husbands
Father I have become acquainted with her
new brother and sisters, and like them very
much, ther is rather a large family and most of
them grown, they seemed to be thought a great deal
of here. But as I am geting sleepy I shall close
biding you Good Night. I shall simply
reply Verbatim to the signature of your

Write soon and often Mollie

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