October 16 1864

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Camp Chase Ohio Oct 16th 64

Sunday Morning                Prison 3 Barracks No 7
Dear Friend mary your welcome letter of the 6th was received on
the 12th but was unable to answer sooner being allowed to write but
two letters a week. A note was enclosed from Mrs Webb to you givin
g me the information I desired. I also received a letter yesterday from Mrs
Webb. Rube you are such a hand to joke. you must not try to make me
believe you would not write to any one else because you feel so unwell
but it is all right I will not dispute your word this time I am glad
to inform you I am not deprived of my health if I am of my liberty
& a great many of the comforts of life. Rube I think you ahve slighted
me somewhat by being so close & not coming to see a body I am sure
I would have called on you had I bee that near you. Enclosed you w
ill find a ring of my own manufacture thinking probably you would
fancy it if you wish a smaller or larger one tell me in your next
& I will send it immediately it represents sun in the center &
small branches on each side gold & silver Is Dora at home now. tell me
when you write again. I think you are worth a dozen of other girls now
but if you will send me that pretty picture right soon I will think
you worth two dozen. It seems as if you were tyring yourself just to see how
much you can fly around of late that is right take all the pleasure
you can while it is going I think I will pay up for lost time if
I ever get out but I expect to spend another winter in camp chase
first just to think fifteen months in prison too bad is it not
must close for want of speace. please answer this soon. your letters
give me more news than any others. I shall not forget Mary
as every your sincere friend J.J.H

Miss Mollie C Burns
Georgetown Scott Co

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