October 26 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Midway, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY

Thursday Night 26th 1865

Mr Haun,

My Dear Friend,
After you left sunday eve,

Cousin Fannie and I did a little primping
and took a delightful stroll, also called on
some Young ladies. You were going to stay
such a short time that I would not leave
you long enough to perform my toilet. You
I presume had a pleasant ride home as
it was a prettie evening. I received a letter
from Dora to night she did not say
any thing about you calling by our house
she also sent me a letter form Mr King
who is at present in Ky and will be at
our house next month. Sallie McConell
was to see me yesterday evening I went
home with her and staid all night Mr
weights being away she insisted on me
going, to stay with her all night
and in the mean time he came, so
you know that broke into my arangements
I received a card from Mr Woolman
soliciting my company for church, after
you left, so you see I dont have much
time to get lonesome I received two
letters yesterday also two, today. I wish
you were here to answer them. I never slept
two hours last night, and do not fell
like writing to night, but I promised
you a letter saturday and we expect
to spend the day out tomorrow if pleasant
and then attend the society at the
Ohphan School to morrow night, and
I you know, will never disapoint you
when it is in my power to prevent
for sometimes I feel that I a m unworthy
of the reguard you bestoe on me, and
sometimes think that I am cross
with you, but you generous heart
will forgive me all offences. But I
did not tell you what disturbed my
rest to was my tooth as usual but
it is now well and when I write
home expect to make up for lost
time I have not seen Drack since
you left, but received a letter
he says he is afraid he is like
Cassas when he crossed the Rubicon
to late, alas to late. But I intend
to tell him Madam Rumor is an
ville dame. and he must not listen
to her tales. dont you think
I am a bad girl. But you know
Girls must have some fun as long
as they are Misses, not saying that
I intend to mistreat Drack at all, no,
no, I was just wondering if you
could ead this Ed is up in my room
writing his composition, as their is no
fire in their room, and he is shaking
the table all the time. But I must
drop a few lines home so you will
excuse this for the present.
Your Mollie in _______

Write soon and
burn this up


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