October 28 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Midway, KY
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Saturday the 28th 65

Dearest Mollie
I received your

very welcome but short letter last
evening. How eager I was to see its con
tents so much so I could hardly take
time to eat my supper. It gave me great
pleasure to learn you were well but pla
gue take that obstropulous tooth I just wish
you would let me have my way with it
for a little while. it would’nt bother you
any more soon I know. I saw your sw
eetheart the other day rather my good loo
king rival I have one consolation at
anyrate if I am ousted it will be by a
fine looking fellow but he was not dress
ed as nicely as when he was at midw
ay. I am just from Ives wedding and
a nice time I had of it too, there was a
large crowd to witness it I had lots of fun
Dave Adams & Miss Coyle waited on
them married by McGinn every
thing was very well conducted a fine table
in the shape of a cross some of the town
boys were there Frank will white Dick
Weeks Pres West J Shermitt & Tingle hand
plently to eat and drink. Tom L was not
there although her ma says Joe insisted
on her being present to see the last of him
she promised Mrs Taylor to accompany
her home and of course had to do it
I saw a good many of my connections
there. I did not attend the infare being
a very disagreable evening seeing them
put me in the notion of doing so, for
goodness sake come home and lets get
married, or cant you stand the press just
now. do not put the wrong construction
on the above. I called to see Dora & Cliffs Ma
as I passed through town. Mollie Mrs Webb
has been quizzing me again in regard to
yourself. she found out by some means I
had been to midway & every one here has
commenced anew about us. They just swea
we are going to marry forth with, but I tell
them it is all a mistake on purpose. Mr
Webb says she told the person that informed
her I had been to see you. That I could not
have gone to see a prettier or nicer girl
but I only laughed at her and took it
for what it was worth as I thought she only
wished to find out what I would say. She
says you used to be [crossed out]feel very solicitous for my
welfare while in prison that you used to tell
her when you would hear from me. whi
ch was very kind of [crossed out]her you ineed, she speaks
very highly of you always to me but I had
a notion of telling her you did not  know
Dick them or else she would’nt of heard so
often perhaps It was a pleasant evening
when I came home but my ride was
anything else but pleasant as there was
quite a ringing in my head all the way
being a very peculiar noise which made
me very uneasy sounding [insert] all the time like Dick

I left with a very heavy heart as I told Dora & evil

Dick Dick, do you you blame me for
feeling sad and troubled in mind, but
probably I will survive it as is said time
over comes all things. I met Mrs Jenkins
& Mr Barbee at cliffs Ma’s she was sick
in bed when I told her I saw cliff Mrs
Jenkins says we can guess where he’s been
I told Dora I was not going over to mid
way any more as I was superseded com
pletely, give my regards to Mr & Mrs H
and tell her I enjoyed my visit finely wh
ile at her house that I shall never forget
it & especially the treat she gave us, she
treated me so well I will be apt to call
again but I do think she ought to have
shown me that prettie picture before I
left you spoke of being unworth of my regard
“Mollie, I think you worth of the love of any m
an and more especially one that has known
you as long as I have & has had the opportun
ity of knowing your many yes very many virtues
I know I do vex you sometimes and have
done & said things I ought not to have don & of co
urse it was my own fault if you were
mad with me. I have always tried never to do
or say anything calculated to wound your
kind & sensitive heart for I do think you
posses such a one. On the other hand
you have never said or acted other wise
than the perfect lady towards me. if
so I have failed to discover it. That one
thing has caused you to stand very high
in my estimation kind & courteous to
all. I know you have as many friends
as any lady of my acquaintence. I must
close Mollie write again when you feel
like it and I assure you no one would
be better to pleased to get them not even
Dick I have not written home yet wil
take your advice & wait until I receive
one from home. Frank Kenney is dead
Ezra Offutts daughter is married to an
other Mundy they are similar to the mittins
they believe in Wests & the Offutts in
Mundys the town is void of all news
but I suppose Dora keeps you pretty
well posted in that particular. Tell me
in your next when you are coming home
I told your Pa I understood he was going
to move to the country. he said he was
afraid he would be disapointed. He said
it looked like there was no way of sepa
rating you & Fannie Kershaw you had
taken such a liking to each other of
late. Mr Will sends his regard to
you. write soon. may god prtect you
mollie is my sincere wish from one
that loves you devotedly until death.

J.J. Haun

P.S. Jimmie is at home sick with
the measles has been very sick but is
getting better. we thought he would die
at one time ever thine

Miss Mollie C Burns

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