October 29 1863 – Mollie Burns to John J Haun

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Thursday Oct 29th 1863

Dear Friend
Your long looked for letter of the 21st was received
one day before yesterday, and perused with great interest. I
was sorry indeed to learn of your ilness and pleased
to hear of your recovery. For I should not judge
that a Prison was a very desireable place in
time of sickness. Wallice & Howard Graves was taken
from our Vault to the Newtown church whare
their funerald was preached by Mr Young, and
they were then burried in the church yard. There
was about 150 carriages and buggies in attendance
he longest procesion I ever witnessed. Jimmie
Crumbaugh was there, and insisted on me
going home with him. I went and staid
three days, and I assure you. Fannie Johnson
him and I had a fine time. We attended
old Mrs Crumbaughs sale Mr Offutt put Fan
and I up and we received one bid of
fifteen ts by Cash Smith, but the way we
all went over on horse back to see old–
Mollie C.B.
Harry and Fill. Jimmy brought me home
on horse back. I tell you I think I will
make quite a rider after while. He sais
he had written to you repeatedly but had
received no answer supposed he did not
direct right. I gave him your directions and
the last time I seen him he told me
he had written. But as you have been
unmoved you may not get it. But you
must write to him. Jimmie Hudron of
the Crossings was brought home a coopse
to be burried a day or two ago, when
he was taken sick, and the Doctors had
given him out. they wanted him to take
the oath and he brought home. but no
he declared he would rather die in Prison
and so he did. Rich Johnson & Dr Smiths
son, Jimmie I think, have taken it
and are now at home. Thornt Crumbaugh
is in Canada. He took french leave of Camp
Douglass. Hat was there with the boys, But
all have returned. He sent me a verse which
was ad followers {Oh no we must not shall not part
you are the life blood of my heart
so I thought as he was so anxious, I would
speak, so yesterday I met him on the street
I slightly inclined my head from its usual
dignity and received quite a gracious bow
Madam Bumor sais. Hat and your cousin
are preparing to mary. She also states that
Mrs West is buging up eggs to prepare for an
infare. But donot know if it is [arect?] <Mr Edd
Applegate joined the Reform church last
night and was emersed this morning.
I was trying think who had died since you left
that you perhaps had not heard of, Will White
Mr Noa Speares have lost their wives Old Mrs Adams
dyeed a few days after Mr Dock Barckley who
was shot by Jimmie Boberson. We heard
through a letter that Ganoe Pia wrote to
his Ma, that came through with a flag of
truse that John Lemon & John Vernor two
Beatty Boys, and other of the Scott Boys
were in this last Chikamuga Battle got
through safe. You ask if Mat S___ drinks as hard
as ever. yes and worse. Danville & Bardstown
and one or two other places I round us have been
disturbed like we were, the day Will Webb
and some others were put in the court house
But, Mike Barlow, George Cantrill and others
who were concerned before in the disterbance
were as you will guess. not the ring leaders this
time but another set altogether. Frank Anlghire
and I are going down to Mr Timans to stay
a week on Saturday, We were down on Sunday
last, and promised to return on Satturday and
wont you go, or is Unckle Sam’s finger holding
you two tight I expect he is Dora said she would
like to see you She and Buddie have plaid
quits, he is at home. I am all currosity to see my
ring. The idear of its being made in prison enhanses
the beauty of it of course. you intend to comit
another thift do you, if opertunity offers, well we
will see, Ellen S and I spend the day at Fannies
on Tuesday She is not teaching at present. you
speak of showing my letter to a messmate by way
of retaliation. well I write such a beautifull
hand, and so corectly, of course you are proud
of them. I do not entertain any serious fears
of many retaliations of that sort. Well as I
have a letter to write to Alice, and cannot think
of any more news to tell you. I close subscribing
myself your
True Friend

Mollie C Burns

Chalk sais if you want another letter ight soon
from her, answer this as soon as received Mollie

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