October 31 1864

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Monday Morning Oct 31 / 64

Kind Friend
I did not receive your letter
untill the 25th although it was written
on the 16th. But the ring arrived safe with
the letter, I can wear it, but it is rather to
small, you have forgotten, I guess, that my
hand, like myself, hass its useual share
of flesh. Two years is suficient time to
forget such triviel matters in. I prize it
very highly, think it very pretty. Dora is in
Henry Co. But we hear from her often, she
has wuite a nice little school of 30 schollars
it is out, the last of Nov__ I am going down
and then, we are going to Louisville as
we wer disapointed this Summer
in not getting there. Mrs Kershaw &
Mrs Bonner, formerly Miss Laura Headdy
was to see me on saturday, Laura has
married quite a fine looking
man. plenty of cash, came over dress-
ed very fine, splendid horse and
buggie of her own. lives just 7 miles
of Danville. Just imagine you hear
Charles Hatten give a long sigh. I
think form Dora’s letters she also
meditates something rather strange
from the way she speaks of a sertain
one of the male sex. I met with
Mrs Webb at our church last night
we have a new Preacher quite
an intelligent and pleasant man
Mrs Webb thinks him superior to
any since Noland. You speak
of spending a nother winter in
Camp Chase. I should call on
some one to make indeavors to
relase one first. I expect Mr John
Lemon will be released, His friends
drew up a petition here, and
sent it to Washington in
his behalf. Johnie Barkley shot
himself, but it is just a flesh

Mr John Haun
Prison No 3 Barrocks No 7
Camp Chase
Columbus Ohio

Dated Oct 31st 54
Received Nov 3rd 54

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Nov 1

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