October 5 1863

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


Monday Morning Oct 5th 1863

Dear Friend
No I doubt you will think I have forsaken
any old friend (yourself) on acount of seeming negligence
in not writing But such is not the case I assure
you. I promised to give you a discription of
the Paris fair on my return, well it was
very well attended and about as interesting
as ever, to those that enjoy a crowd but I am
not one of that number. I stayed in Paris
the week of the fair, and attended one of
the hops, also went to see troup of Louave
performers, at the Odd fellows hall and had
a good time generally. And then went six miles
beyond to a Mr Hildreths whare I remained
two weeks. Mrs Hopkins is keeping house for him
he is quite an old man, and all his children
are maried, excepting one son Dick Hildreth
He is 27 years of age and ful of fun, he and
I would go horse back riding every evening
went to North midletown, nearly to Mount Sterling
we were going all the time. I never enjoyed myself
better in mylife. But I suppose you would like
to hear some of the news at home. Well, Mr Sam Long
and Mollie Beatty marry tomorrow evening
Mr Wells, the youngest, but largest one in the
store that ockupies whare Johnnie Johnson kept
and Miss Emma Smarr marries to morrow at
noon and, comes in to attend the one in
the evening. I believe the Mr Wells came here
after you left. It is rumored Tom Crockett
brother of Matties and Tillie Price are to
be married but donot know if it is so
And the Old Man and the widdow Pain
also Hates old sweetheart, I passed Hat
on the street yesterday but did not speak,
Johnnie Fitzsimmons the irishman, took
arsnic, and died from the affects of it
he is to be burried this evening. They live
opissite us, he told Pa when dying that
his fortune had driven him to it, it is
said, his mother and father in law & Wife
abused him sadly. While I was visiting
out at Cane ridge. There was a Mr Frank
Colcord came to see me often, he sued
to go here, to the Military institute, sad
he knew you very well, he is quite a
batchelor you know I am partial to
them. It is the same Mat Sanders that
married Gallie Ross. Howard Graves body
was put in the vault on Saturday last
Mr Blackburn and Charlie are going to
Monticello the last of this week after the
body of Wallice when they  will both be
burried together Oh it makes me feel so
sad to see the boys brought home in that
way. I hope you have good health take good
care of your self. For Mollie wants to see
you again. You say you get the blues
I wish it was in my power to be near you
when you get ther, to talk you out of them.
I am sitting in our little front room by
a good warm fire writing to you
whare we, in other days used to have so
many pleasant chats. I wish you were
here to night. For I get lonly too sometimes
and I know you would enjoy yourself
much better than up there in that cold Prisson
you ask for a bid to my weding, now
you just wait till I have a weding which
I fear will be some time to come yet
Tommie L__ as well as myself know Mr Grimes
very well Tommie and him write to each
other. Mr Bat Johnson lost a little child
on Saturday last. You say you are out
of empoyment, and suggest that I employ
you as a private secratary to do my writing
I take you at your word come on, for I
have written two to day and have got to
write another, and my hand is cramped
alread. But it shall be straight in
time for my ring. I have never taken the
black one you made, off since you put it
on last fall with a wish, But I expect
you have forgotten the wish. I believe
if you were to come home I would be
so glad to see you, that I would freely
give you, what you stole, when you left
I suppose you remember. I received a letter
from Epp but have not answered it, for
I had rather do any thing on earth than
write, so there that I do write to must
know that I think a great deal of them
I close requesting you to answer this as soon
as received.         Yours in haste

[signature torn]

Dated Oct 5th
Received Oct 7th

Oct 6

Mr John J Haun
Prison No 3 Barrocks No 50
Camp Chase Columbus

1863 by Molly Burns

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