October 6 1864

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


At Home Oct 6th 1864

Dear Friend
Answering your letter of the 8th Sep which was received
in due time, was necessarily delaid, on acount of my being away
from home. I am not atall well this morning, after spending a restless night
do not think I would possibly feel like writing to any one excepting you
this morning feeling as indisposed as if I do I hope that these lines may
find you well that Prison walls may not deprive you of your health
as well as liberty. I have just gotten back from Lexington. A party of
youngsters was going down to Cin__ some my relations insisted on
me going of course I went. We attended Pike’s Opera house which
I supose you have seen. We remained there two days and as
we came back I stoped in Paris all night and day, came on
to Lexington remained there severall days, and came on
to Lexington remained there several days, and am now at home
my loosing a great deal of sleep, and traversing those long streets to see
rights generaly, would not avail ourselves of the great acomodation,
(street cars) as we went to see. has almost laid me up. Mollie Crockett
Tom Long, marry next week at the Reform chruch Tuesday. I told
you in my last of Annie Barklies & Wells & Jim Samuell & Puggin
Patterson wedings. do not know whether they were torn off or not
you ask me, if Rube is not glad to hear of anything to
entertain you. I told them if I only had a permit to get in
prison I should go on to Columbus to see some of my friend there
would you not have been supprised. I have been as close as Cin__
any how. You say you would like to have somebodies photograph when
somebody has them taken you shall have one. I have just droped
a few lines to Mrs Well, and send you her reply. We have
no news. I should like to write you a longer letter, but must
obey rules. Write immediately, and I will respond as soon as received
Please axcept all, not divisions, or your words in your last just imagin I
make use of the same words, and dont forget        Mollie C Burns

[enclosed fragment]
Miss Mollie

I have received no letter from Mr Haun or his mother since June,

Give him my kindest regards and say to him should I receive a letter from his
mother I will forward it to him immediately.

A.S Webb
Oct 6th 1864

Miss Mollie C Burns

Mr John Haun
Prison No 3 Barrocks No 7
Camp Chase Columbus

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Oct 10

Dated Oct 6th 64
Recd Oct 12th 64

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