The Homespun Dress, song lyrics

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The Home Spun Dress

O, yes, I am a southern girl
And glory in the name
And boast it with far greater pride
Than glittering wealth or fame
I envy not the northern girl
Her robes of beauty more
Though diamonds grace her snowy neck
And pearls bedeck her hair
Hurra Hurra for the sunny south
so dear Three cheers for the homespun
dress that Southern ladies wear.

My home spun dress is plain I know
And my hats Palmetto too
But then that shows what Southern
girls for Souther rights will do
We’ve sent the bravest of our land
to battle with the foe

And we would lend a helping hand
We love the South you know.


Now Northern goods are out of date
And sense old Abe’s Blockade
We Southern girls can be content
With goods that are Southern made
We scorn to wear a bit of silk
A bit of Northern lace
Yet make our homespun dresses up
And wear them with much race


The soldier is the lad for me
A brave heart I adore
And when the Sunny South is free
And flighting is no more
I will choose me then a lover brave
From that gallant band
The solider that I love the most
Shall have my heart and hand


Our Southern land is a glorious land
And hers a glorious cause
So here is three cheers for Southern rights
And for our Southern Boys.

We’ve sent our sweethearts to the war
But dear girl never mind
Your soldier lad will not forget
The girl he left behind

Now young man a word to you
If you would win the fair
Go to the field where honor calls
And win your lady there
Remember that our smiles are for
The true and brave
And that our tears fall for the one
That fills a soldiers grave
Hurra Hurra for the
Sunny South so dear– Three
Cheers for the sword and plume
The Southern soldiers wear.

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