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 Sender: Martha Huan
Sender Location: Georgetown
 Recipient: John or James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


PS I forgot to tell you
that Orval West & Mary
Roy is to be married next
tuesday morning they will
go to Louisville & stay a few
days they will board with
Keen Applegate until fall
when they will go south-
Mary Chambers & Ben
left this morning for
Texas never to come back
they went with thier sister
who has been in from there
Mary has laid of the bloo
mery the old lady says
she is going next fal-
Tom Othwell is here
him & Jack Flowroy
has bought land ad
joining in Arkansas
& will go to it in the fall
if every one leaves town that
wants to there wont be any
town here soon Ben Bradly
DH Smith Alvin Duvall
Dr Keene Will Crockett & some
three or four others are going to
Chicago this month & if they
are pleased will move there
in the fall this town
will be left to the
Wests yet Cauly has
sold his house ot the wid
ow Nutter for seven hun
dred dollars he will leave

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