September 8 1863

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Prison No 3 Barracks

Camp Chase Ohio Sep 8th

Dear Friend

I Received your welcome and anx
iously looked for letter day before yesterday
dated the first of Sept. It is usless to say any
thing of the pleasure it gives me to receive a letter
from you. of course it is a great satisfaction
to hear from our friends at home, in truth
you might say the only enjoyment we prison
ers have. of course I will consider your letter
an answer to both of mine, but think it is
hardly fair. But I will make a bargain with
you to write two for every one you send me and
think I have made a good bargain at that, you
read my letter to Mr Lemon did you, “just like
you” instead of committing it to the flames wh
ere all such documents should go But you
always would have your way However I
suppose you did right as I made mention of
them in my letter, I heard Mr Lenon was
killed Atlanta over a card table but did
not mention it fearing it would cause them a
great deal of trouble and unnecessary uneasin
ess as it cam to me in a very indirect way
and could not place any confidence in the report
I hope it is not true. Have they heard from
him since he left home”. we parted at Knoxv
ille he going to Atlanta I to New Market Nation
to Bugord Brigade where I remained about 3
weeks with some of my acquaintences after
which took charge of [illegible] attle with Mr
Ed Cantrill until Feb. I suppose you heard
James Cantrill was wounded at Greasy Creek
KY by a piece of shell in the shoulder but is well
now. How is Hat and cousin Sallie progress
ing now. lovely I suppose. do you speak to him
or not. I hope you and him will make friends
again as I believe I was partly the cause of cool
ness between you I admire Mr Steadman but
not miss Raulins taste she will answer for
father and husband both but I think not
much of that latter. See what money will do you
know my opinion of such natures what that
Saunders is it you speak of surely not the
man that married to Gabe ross for I heard
he was numbered among the dead long since. Tell
Billie G he had better mind who he abuses these
wartimes he might becalled on account some
day I am glad to learn Silas has such a good
school. I would like to make one of the number
very much A man forgets everything he ever
did learn soldiering my Tenn Sweet hear does
not resemble Lizzie T very much being much
prettier of course and a little larger than M.C.B.
but not so pretty by the wayMary is a favorite name
with me. I never knew one by that name but what
possessed all the qualities requisite to a lady. [illegible]
I had better stop lest you think I am going into
ecstasies over a name. There is something in a name
shakespeare to the contrary. She used to sing the favorite
song to me [unstus?]. And “Oh twill be sweet to remem
ber when I am far far from thee, that the hand of
fate only can sever my lasting affection for thee”
Ask Tingle to sing it for you he knows it. It would
seem Paris had some great attraction for you
I think Mr McCally is the sole cause of so much
visiting, young and good looking of course
give me a bid to the wedding wont you
like to hear of your giving yourself “go it while
young.” Perhaps a description of Prison No3 will
be interesting it is an important place of late
No 3 contains over3 acres of ground inclosed by a
fense about fifteen feet high containing 69 houses
in a straight line three deep with streets running in front of each house each house contain
ing from fifteen to twenty prisoners with Suttlers
store in the opposite side near the entrance where
we are supplied with a few necessaries such as
Tobacco pipes paper &c. If you think
I write such a pretty hand I would suggest that
you employ me as private secretary to do your
writing for you I am out of employment
Mollie I got the [illegible] sometimes when I think
of my situation you know I am subject to them
Inequitty give my kindest regards to Mrs L
Tom. Ask Tom if he is acquainted with a mr
grimes of Clark county here I must close for want of
space. I am making a fancy ring intended for you
and will send it by letter if I can when it is
finished. Do try and find time enough to ans
wer this respects to Dora and friends good by for
the present while I remain yours &c J.J. Haun

I live on shenault street put the no of Barracks on your

letters as it will be more certain to arrive.

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