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Sender: Fannie Jenkins
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


and Fannie went with him this evening, he
had his horn, and I thought when he blew it
how sweet it would sound to, Mollie could
she only hear it. Poor Lizzie Webber has had a
very serious time of it and she now is very sick
she was taken on Thursday morning and her
babe was not born until Saturday it only
weighted 3 lbs, she had a great many spasms
Doctors Bryant & Clliott were both with her. I
have not seen her yet, they will not permit
visitors to see her. she complains so much of
her head, Walter Kennedy has bought the
house Mrs Lucas lived in they pay 15,00$
for it, Aunt Patsy offers hers for 800 do you
think that she will get it! Hawkins Godey
has been very badly hurt but is now most
well, We have another Grocery now in town
it is kept by Mrs Briscoe and Ned Hastings
at the old stand where John used to stay.
Frank & Alice went to Lexington yesterday she
bought exellent cotton for 12 1/2 cts per yard
and a very nice set of furts for $8,00 She is
getting very portly. george Wests wife has a
daughter she too has been very ill, and was
not allowed visitors. I seen Ellen Stoughton a
few days ago, she is going to start for Texas in
a few days to spend 1 year, and told me to
send you her best love, Mollie I wish you and
John could hear L[illedgible] & Jimmie of a night when
they say their prayers say bless Aunt
Mollie & Uncle John and give them a safe
journey home, I asked Lee what I must
tell you all for him. he says tell them I
have got a pair of boots. Eddy is getting so smart
he can pull up by a chair and you know I
think he is just the sweetest thing in the
world. you just ought to see him when
Charlie comes in and takes him on his
knee and commences singing (Uncle Joe)
I asked Charlie what I must tell you all
for him, he says tell them {I’m here}
Mollie he had the blues after you left. for he
always thought so much of you I want him
to take me to Cousin Fannies before the
weather gets too cold, Mollie I love her because
she was so kind to you. Little Jill is here and
as frisky as ever she wants to see Miss Mollie
I still have Mandy Chambers hired she is v
ery good cook, but has a mightly cross baby,
Mrs Jenkins sends her love to you all and
says she is going to write to you all soon she
says she did not know how much she loved
you both, untill she lost you. we miss you so much
of a night, often when we hear a knock at the
door after supper it reminds us of your past
visits to us which were so pleasant, we had quite
a crowd of negroes to pass here Sunday evening
there was Baptizing, they went out to the bourbon
bridge. Mollie Mrs Saunders has rented her house
out to a Mr Cravens, she intends boarding
with them and I suppose Mrs Hickey will too
I have seen Mat a good many times since you
all left but he has never inquired about you.
We are having another improvement on this
street it is a Negro house on the vacant
lot by Mrs Kennedy, Mary Wilson is having it
built. Tommy Tingle was down to see Ma a few
days ago, and I could but think of what you
wrote in your letter in regard to what she said.
if she did say so. I regard it all to a deficincy in
the upper story. poor simple creature. My dear
sister and brother I am writing this letter so it
may reach you a few weeks after your arrival at
home which I pray to our heavenly Father
you may reach in perfect safety, you must
look over all my faults and misspelt words, for
the Children are noisy and this is the first
letter I have written for so long. My dear Brother
take good care of Mollie and as I told you in
parting bring her safely back. I never close my
eyes to sleep but what my last thoughts are of
you all and wondering to myself where abouts
on the water you all are at. we have had
beautiful weather since you left until now, and
it has turned into a cold windy rain I do hope
the trip may prove beneficial to Mollie. Ma
is going to commence a letter to you all, give
my love to Mr & Mrs Haun and accept of all
your friends love and best wishes first and now
of mine, the chidlren all send you a kiss, write to
me as soon as you can, your devoted sister untill
death Fannie Jenkins

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