April 12 1891

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Sender: Warren Haun
Sender Location: Starkville, NY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA
Respectfully yous
Warren Haun
Kerkiner co

Starkville N.Y. April 12th 91

John J. Haun
Plumas Co

Dear sir

Your return [torn]

Our ancesters came from the Electora
Palatine Germany on the Rhine and
were driven from their homes under
the following painful circumstances
Louis XIX King of the French in
1688 sent an army 80,000 men into
the Lower Platinale to which our
people belonged and devastated the

[torn] bitants having became pro [torn]
and renounced the Catholic faith
the whole country was devastated
by fire and sword to such an extent
that it became a wilderness and
wolves more plenty than human

people were made homeless many
of whom found their way to England
where they received a hearty welcome
from the Protestants
[torn] Queen Ann

under the [torn]
many of the forlorn Germans were
sent the North American Colories
among whom were our ancestors
if your grand fathers father came
from Germany on the Rhine his
name was Henry Haun and a

favor of
February 15th 1891 came to hand in
due time, and I have delayed in
answering it in order to gather
all the information I could in
relation to our family hoping to

be able to tell you that no
relatives as friends an [torn]
I am happy to say that my research
has been successfully. I think [torn]
can truthfully say that the sa [torn]
[torn] awn blood flows in your v [torn]

my Great Grand Father Conrad Haun
came from Germany a few years
before the Revolution and settled in
the Mohwak valley. He had a brother
Henry who settled in Pennsyvania
and found the family of Haun in that
state some of the descendants
of whom are now living at Hunting
ton in that State

[new page]
brother of my Great Grand Father
Conrad Haun he (Henry) having founded
the family in Pa.
My Grand Fathers name was Adam
Haun who married Catharine Mayer
and to whom there was born five
sons & four daughters. the sons
were David A. Abraham Daniel
Peter & Henry, my faterh who is
still living. The daughters were
Elizabeth Catherine Nancy &
Sarah of whom Sarah & Catharine
are stilling living. Nancy married
John R. Hall and left one son John
Hall. Catharine married Abram
Patten no living children
Of the sons Daniel & Peter left
no children David A lef a family
of three children of whom one
is living John Haun. Abraham
left one daughter Frances L
who is living at Little Falls this
State. You will see that Adam Henry
David & John appear in your family
as well as mine which is a still
further evidence of the relation
ship existing between us
There is no stain on our

[new page]
family name so far as I
can trace it. All the Hawns have
been honorable upright & brave
men My Great Grand Father was
killed at the battle of Orikany &
my Gand Fatehr was a Suckets
Harbor in 1812. No member of
my branch of the family took any
part in the war between the States
All were opposed to it believing it
to be unnecessary, and wrong
I was too young to know much
about it (am 40 years old now) but
looking back to that period I think
it could have been avoided
All of my family for many years
back have been Democrats to which
party I belong. I rent you a paper a few days
ago containing an article form my pen
which expresses very nearly my political
views. My letter is growing long so will
bring it to a close. The heirs of John W
Haun have been found but do not
belong to our branch of the family
I enclose here with my photograph
taken a few days before my 40th
birth day which I send hoping to
receive yours in return. It would
give me great pleasure to receive it
as I may never see you in person
Will you kindly reply to this letter
as soon as you can conveniently
after receiving it

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