April 14 1885

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Thursday Eve

April 14th 1885

My Dear Child
Rec yours of the

29th of March, also the Papers, for which
I think you, carried some of them to Julia
Jasper is away every Saturday and Sunday
and some of us stay with her, he keeps
his Buggy and Horse, but frequently goes
by Rail in bad weather, Preachers trowel
for half fare, Julia West, Bob had had
an attack of Plneumonia, quite sick for
8 or 10 days but is now up about two ho
urse, Jasper is making considerable in
provement on his place, does a great
deal of it himself, is putting in a good
Garden, Julia has quite a number
of young chickens hatched out. Henerys
is now the order of the day here, several
have been started up, hatched chickens
by Incubation, Tom Story has one
Homer [Proten?] step soon
you speak of having such a mild
Winter in Quincy, it has been to the
reverse with us, a very cold long and
severe Winter, it is now the middle
of April and we havent had a pleasent
warm day this month, Farmers and
Gardners are very much behind it does
not suit your Pa’s work either, he was in a
state this morning, had to go to the country
to finish off a three weeks job, and it was
so cold and raw, the Lady was expecting
a House full of company to morrow
they keep their own Horse and Waggon
and come home of a night, the country
People cant board them as they used to
do an account of the lack of Servants,
Lee Jenkins has been going out with them
and Parting Paper, he is quite handy
he was sick in Zanesville and came
Home to recruit does not have his
Health there it is on the River and
no damp and Foggy, Jimmy was Home
on Sunday he is looking well, brought
each one of the family in Presant returns
on Monday
Fannie is well as usual, quite busy
Mrs Jenkins went to church on last
Sunday for the first time in 3 or 4 mo
Tom took her in a buggy, she is Feeble
the last three weeks Dora has been
helping Miss Mag Story, and Mrs Petrol
Mrs Prin Adams to make the uniform
for Mr Ruckers School, 30 dresses
finished last night, she only get $4,50
per week and funished her own machine
she wanted $5 but they were not willing
to give it could get plenty of help for $4
but not swift hands like Dora, she
was not busy and thought that
better than nothing, eat at home go
at 7 Oc quit at 6, she is gone down to
Fannies to day to give her a lift she
has some four or five suits to make
for little boys, I am all alone to day
the Children at school, quiet is perva
ding in the Old Home stead, O that
I could hear the rattle of yoru tongue
around the old hearth stones, and in
the rooms that used to be enlivened by
your presents
We are so glad to have our dear boy
at Home with us, thought he is not
well has had a very bad cold and cough
for 2 weeks and on attacked of [Plthisic?]
we have had such sudden changes
he said he was quite well all the
time he was gone, Travelling and
good living agreed with him and
no hard work, he liked the company
so much, and the calling, but for
our sakes he felt like it was his duty
to come Home and stay with us in
our Old Age, O that Rob our Dear
wandering boy could feel that Love
and affection for us that Charlie
manifests, I would love so much to
hear from him and know what he is
doing in San Francisco, hope Mary Han
will get to see him and let you know
glad he quit the saloon. Emma Pullen
has the measels, Mrs Shepard has had
that wen cut out of her Face is going
to Marys to make her home. Ellen is
very poorly worse than she has ever been
Sarah Betts is very low a letter from your
Aunt Sarah all are well, affec your loving Mother

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