April 17 1871

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 Sender: Fannie Jenkins
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday April 17th 1871
Dear Sister Brother & dear sweet little Morgan
It is Sunday morning a bright beautiful one, all
Nature has on her Spring attire and every thing seems
bright and joyous. I wish so much for you to
be here and take a stroll through our beautiful
Cemetary where so many of your friends have been
the change and some so sad. Mr Anderson has
so many pretty flowers and keeps the shrubbery so well
trimmed I do not think they could get any one
to take better care of the Cemetary than he does.
Mollie we are all tolerable well I wish I could say
right well but fear that will never be poor Charlie
has been very near deaths dark door, and you can
only imagine my distress of mind at the thoughts of
being left in such a helpless condition as I would
have been if such had been the case, but I much
fear he will never be able to attend to business
again his mind has received such a shock he
appears to be so absent minded. But dear sister I put
my trust in him who doth all things well and
try to be patient in all my trials, and look forward
to better days yet to come. for I have 4 boys who
now bid fair to be a comfort and help to us, Jimmy
is large as I am and much stouter, he learns very
fast and seems anxious to be doing something to get
along. Charlie Nicholas is farming and wants him to
help drop corn he pays 50 cts a day. but I feel anxious
for him to get his schooling while he can get it
free and it will not be out untill June will let
him go a few days and help Charlie though my
baby now is the fattest and healthiest child I ever
had he seems to be entirely restored to health, commensed
improving from the time he began to use cows milk
I pay 75 cts every Saturday night for his milk yet 1 gal
a week and it is 25 cts per gallon, I judge my milk
did not agree with him and I gave very little, he is
so sweet and is beginning to take so much notice
will be one year old the 19th of next month I look
back and can scarcely realize it. Jimmy seems to be
the most delicate of all my children now he is so
hollow breasted and coughs so much sometimes. Julia
received your letter last Thursday evening we all were so
glad to hear form you. Sallie Kidd is down now on a visit
Aunt Sarah was looking all last week for her girls and we
feel anxious to know why they have not come. I think
they should have written and let her know what detained
them. Becca Lemon & John have been down this
evening they both look well, she has been to Lousiville
on a visit to see her Sister says Mrs Kane is not in
good health. Jodie and Tom still live there with
them she has but one child, had a mishap this
Winter and was poorly for a while. Angie Kane is not
married yet. Old Mrs Sheritt improves very slowly she
has no use of her arms yet and cannot talk
plain yet. I dont think she will ever be much better
as she is old and been such a hard working woman
in her early life. Doctor Lambbin has bought the
place out adjoining Becca that was formerly owned
by John Sherritt it is such a nice home if the
two families agree. Mrs Bisly is here now she looks
so well she still makes her home with jake in La-
Grange but is going down to spend the Summer with
Florence who since her marriage is loving at landing
on the Ohio river she has a pretty home they say.
Mrs Risly says Bell Marsden seems to be in a
decline she was up here last Summer to see the
Doctor and he told her then of her situation, she has since
had another babe and seems to be failing very fast
since. her Mother Mrs Hanes lives with her. Mrs
Risly is going to sell her home here. Mary Ellen &
Bud Pullen still have it rented, and perhaps will buy it
Mollie Rose & Quarks were to see us to day They both
look well Rose staid in Paris 2 months the part
Winter and went to school but has now gone back
to her home at Mr Parers where she has been for
4 years a few mile from Lexington. Quarks lives
at John Ganes the Reform preachers, a few miles from
Centeriville he has lived there for 3 years. they are both
good negroes, George is in Arkansas a very trifling fellow
he is. I expect has been in the Penitentary. Rose says
she went to see Laura Taylor They live in Paris
and Laura was in very bad health. I suppose you have
heard before this of Lee pullen or rather Mrs Oneal now of
her good fortune in having a fine boy she calls it
Dick West she has gotten along very well so far, they are
living in Mrs Risdales house and she lives in the little
one adjoining. Press is married and lives in Lexington
he did very well, had a beautiful wife. he had taken
Willie has gone in business for himself. Mr Price seems
to be doing better now, Aunt Ell has been quite sick she was
man, and so indulgent to her they have only
two children. Uncle Will still works for Mr Hinch
they are doing quite a good business. but I think
he works too hard he looks very thin but is as full
of life as ever. Grand Ma looks quite feeble and is failing
very fast, I dont know what she will do when Thomas
goes home for he stays over there and is so much
company for her, he speaks of going home next week
Rob & Charlie Neal are going home with him,
Pa bought Rob a new suit of clothes and a nice
travellling over coat yesterday evening and has fixed
him out for the trip. They will spend the Winter
at Aunt Janes I know Rob will enjoy it for he
is such a lover of hunting and they have plenty of game
down there. I tell Ma her family is growing small
Mr Hickey would have gone to house keeping too
but Ma told him she would rather he would
stay untill Spring any how. dora’s little babe grows
so fast he is very much like Frank and I dont
think I ever seen a little babe have as much
hair on its head as it has. Mollie Mr Harry
Clark was in Baltimore not long ago and
while walking down one of the pricipal street
she quite unexpectedly met Mrs Seely they were
so glad to meet each other for you know
how intimate her and Mrs Clark used to be
they are living there. Clinton Clarks wife came
home with Mr Clark she is a very homely woman
quite different from what I thought the selection
of his wife would be, she is quite small and has
very dark skin. Clint is coming for her when
she goes home, Mr Clark had a letter from Bud
he has had yelllow fever but is now well. I
think his Pa has written for him to come
back here, Mollie there has been such a
nice brick house built where Mr Hannamore
used to live, Mr Anderson the keeper of the
Cemetary bought the lot and had it
built to rent out. Lan Leach had intended
to rent it but Doctor Lambkin sold out
and he got his house, out close by Becca
Lemmon the house John Sherritt used to own
Lizzie Sherritt has quite a handsome store
she also has a millinary establishment attached
and is doing a good business I expect for
she is so well calculated to attend to such
business, being pretty glib on the tongue John
still sprees it occasionally. old Mrs Webber is
expecting Tommy home in January he has
given up his situation in the South and intends
reading law. We have a new grocery in town Joe
West & Linn are the firm they keep at Mr
Forwoods old stand, Joe & George West have
such nice homes at the edge of town. Mollie
I have at last succeeded in getting a machine
by Aunt Elks kindness she has become the
agent for the improved Wheeler & Wilson
machine and has let me have one with
a year to pay for it in, she gave me 5$
towards it, I can sew very well on it and have had
a good deal of work to do since I had it
I made a very pretty little dress this week out
basque and an overskirt with it trimmed
with velvetine. I made a calico dress last week
for Elvira she paid me as soon as it was
done, she is living with Mary down at
the nail a few nights ago, they have
built such a nice house down there
and now are enlarging the jail, Frank
Reynolds has moved to town to live and
they say he is going to run for jailor next
term, Alice is the house keeper now at her
Ma’s and the old lady has taken the up
stairs room over the parlor. Tessie and Press
have gone to Richmond to live Mr West
keeps hotel there and Press stays in the biliard
room, quite a dangerous place for him but he
says he will never drink any more. Lee
Holding has rented a place just opposite
Billie Graves is on the Paris road, formerl
y owned by Doctor Keene, Mr Sofer bought
it and had a new house put up there, they
rented their Mill to Mr Jim McDonald
and Jim Crumbaugh is attending at for him.
old Mrs Crumbaugh still keeps very poorly.
Laura Barlow is laying very low she has been
sick for 6 or 8 weeks took a deep cold and
they hardly think she will get well. Ma
had a letter from Laura Taylor a few days
ago they were all well Jim was in business
in Paris her and him went to Baltimore
when all the Masons did he being a
high member, you know Laura enjoyed
it she is fond of visiting. Johnnie Freel is driving
the mail buggy from here to Paris, he has
such poor health that the doctor advised
him to quit tailoring, and try it awhile
I think him such a nice young man.
You remember him and Georgia Gorham came
over the night you were married, he always
enquires so particularly about you. old Mr Stedman
place has been sold the Baptist bought it
poor old man he has come down to be as
poor as any body. They are still living out
there. Lee Hickey and Kate are boarding
out there their little girl is running every
where. but I do not think her pretty at all
Kate is more sociable than she used to be.
Dave is very busy now building his shop I
suppose you heard Hugh Oneal had bought
the shop he works in now, and he will
have to give it up. I was to see Mrs Terry
not long ago she is just as nice as ever and
always enquires about you, she has 5 children
three girls and two boys, Annie is a very
pretty behaved girl, and a great help to
her Ma, Mrs Clackner is also well she has
been on a visit to see her Morther in
Pensylvania went alone found them all well
but says her Mother had forgotton her
did not know her at all untill she made
herself known, since her return home there
has been a revival at the Presbyterian church,
and Mr Clackner has joined, she is such
a strict emmber I know it pleases her
very much, he is doing an exullent business
has most all the funerals to attend and
keeps such a handsome hearse, they keep
shrounds all ready made. They have their house
enlarged and furnished very handsomely. I
heard to day that Mal Bisley had a fine
daughter. I have never seen Ike since he
left here, Bud Pullen still rents their house
Sallie holtclaw is living here, Buddie rented
the house up by where Doctor Sulton lived
and she lives up stairs. I thought she had
just come on a visit, for she has 5 children
and she only brought 4 with her leaving
her husband and one child in Illinois it
seems rather strange that she would come
here and then stay there. Sallie is very grey
and dresses very common. you would hardly know
Gabe she is as large as Mrs Virginia Duvall
her Aunt was when she left here. she has 4 children
billie stays at the drug store. Tom Fitzgerald
is quite a dandy he is a member of the Episcopal
Church. Mollie I must not forget to tell
you the news, Till has a baby it is a girl
she calls it Eliza after her mother if it
will be as useful as she was will be a good
thing, Henny has been helping me while Till
is sick. Ma had a letter from old Aunt Polly
Taylor in virginia this week and she sent
her picture in it, just think she is 86 years
old and writes and sews without spees she
is quite a stately old lady, you remember
she sent Tom the money that bought his little
buggy. Tell your Ma I see some of her old
servants very often they go by here to church
Laura Bettis daughter dresses very fashionable
with her feathers on her hat and overskirt
to her dress and basque but she is so black.
I think her a good girl, how much help
she would be to you all, Sam always
asks about his folks as he calls you all
Bob Neal was to see us all last week he
looks very well has improved so much sport
a very large gold ring which looks very suspicious
says he is going to Arkansas shortly, Aunt
Ell & family are all well, We had a runaway
match here this week Mollie Humphreys and
a Mr Haggart, John Humphreys and Mary
H Betts were the attendants, Mr Hoggart was
not of age. report says that Mary Hannah and John
will be married soon. Willie Rankin and Miss
Laura McMeekin I suppose will be the next to be
married Pa & Thomas have been hurrying to finish painting
up there so they can get fried up before it comes
she is a sister to Edmonia who married a Mr Murphy
Mollie I have never seen Lizzie Ward yet and would
like so much to do so for we used to be old schoolmates s
he must keep very close, do not hear from her at all.
Well dear Sister I must close all join with me in love
to you all have you named the baby I have sent it
a Christmas present, and tell my precious little Morgan
that he shall not be forgotten if he is not here to
attend the Christmas Trus just to keep a watch out old
Santa will come after a while but he may not reach
there by Christmas I am so glad John thought enough of one

[side ways]
to write to me would be glad to hear from him again with love to all

[upside down]
I remain your devoted Sister Fannie Jenkins

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