April 21 1879

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun & family
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

April 21 1879

My Dear husband & children–

I arrived at Burnses in georgetown one
week ago last Saturday found all well
& surprised to see me I enjoyed my trip
verry much & kept well until the last day
on the cars & have not been well since I
have been here. I took a heavy cold but
I have kept up & going all the time I am
feeling a little better now & hope to soon
be my  self a gain I went to see this
Judge Payne here & he says that here
laws of Ky are that when a man & wo
man marrie they are considered one & the
man the head & that she has no seperate
right to any property from her husband
& should there be any thing coming to
me that all the rest of her sisters &
brothers children would come in as heir
I do not think he knows much of the law
I am going to morrow out to John Carricks

he is coming in for me & Nany & I
am going to Mrs Boches & Mrs Rock
will go with me to Lexington to Mary Smi
th & I can find out more a bout this
matter. Lizzie Ward came in a lone
in a buggy & wanted me to go out with
her & said her Uncle Moore did not
like it a bout that letter that was
sent there but if I would come to his
house he would treat me well. I said
to her that means he would not kick
me out & for appearance sake I told
her no I did not go to his house in
any such a way. he knew where I was
& it was his place to come & see me
that I did not come here dependant on him
nor was I a going to make one advance
for his friendship. I resume my writing
Em Bradly has just been to see me she says she
is going to write to Anne E West to come & see me
Dave Nether & Sarah has been to see me
Will Nether & John & Jim & bob have all

& John Carrick they have all & every one
of them offerd to take me any & every
where I want to go & all want me to go
& stay with them. Bryen was in to
see me yesterday & wants me to go
& see him which I will do when I go to
Daves. I have never said a word to one
of them a bout my business here but
I think Moore suspects it & Liz said moore
said if I had of come to him & talked to
him a bout it & not have written that letter
here that if I was entitled to any thing
I could have got it I told her I ddi not come
for his property. I asked Bruen if Moore
knew he come. he said he did & told him he
ought to come & see me but I think it is all
done to try & find out something but I am sted
ly on my guard. I never said a word to
Dave Nether & Sarah Daws dispises him &
says he has but few friends & Sarah told
me a good many things she does not go there
& says she thinks Liz ought not to stay there

I cannot tell you every thing in one letter
it is. This business I am after & if I can
keep up I am a going to investigate to
the bottom before I stop but it will
take time to do it. I do not want it know
er lathed a bout & as I find out thinks
I will let you know. I want to manage
it so that it will cost me as little as possible
I wish you would send me that letter you
got from Buz Graves Jim Ware seemed
so glad  to see me he says he wants to
come in for me someday soon. I have
felt uneasy a bout you you did not seem to
be very well when I parted from you do try
& he happy & content all of you for you
are in a better fix than most people here
of all the complaints of hard times I ever
heard it is here & close & saving, & sure
as we live we have got the best country out
there hard times & no money is all the cry

give my love to brother & sister
blair & tell me how you getting
a long. Mrs Burns & Dora find
them love to you all Dora is one
of the most industrous woman I
ever saw it seems a pretty far
her to waste her energy in a
country where she quite so poorly
recompenced fannie & family are
all well, all of you take care of you
selves. Mr Haun do not expose your
self give my love to Janes family
& Mary Doyle, tell John to bansih the
blues & not give way to law spirits
but go a head I do the best he can &
then be satisfied. I must close so
goodbye & be sure to write on receipt
of this– your loving wife.
M Haun

[upside down]
Mollie I met with a cordial reception from your family & will write you more soon
I want you all to be satified & content & save everything you can & for I do
think we are all situatd to enjoy life & health there more than the people do here

[upside down]
kiss all the children for me & write to
me once a week some of you & send me the
papers & tell me when you will staid
of contrer

[upside down]
I do not blame Rob for not coming back
here to live for of all the dead dilapited
looking countrys it beats all the people
dont look cheerful happy & independant as they
do there & climate is any thing but good

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