August 11 1877

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Georgetown. Aug the 11th 77

Saturday Morning
Dear dear husband little

did I think I would receive a second letter from
you ere I would with supposed I would have an answer
awaiting you to the one you wrote just before leaving
for the lower country but yours of July 29 is before me, anou
nceing Your return to Quincy. Am glad you made a
safe trip, and concluded to make our future home out
of the deep snows of the ter Your letter to Morgin, put
him in the noshing of starting right off. I read it to
him. he played round for a while, then some said Mama
when is Papa coming for us. Tell him I have got
my visit out. I replied that Pa did not write as
though he expected to come and that he surely
would wait for Mama untill she had got her
visit out hear him telling the little boys that he and
Pa are going to have a boat, and fish and other
things you spoke of you speak of getting a place
of little improvements. You can have the pleasure
of making them to suit yourselves when ever you
can spell able, suppose out of the snows it does not
require so many out buildings is it the place
your Pa was looking at in the winter, when he was
down. I am glad you wrote for bob give him
imployment when you can. probably he can asist
you below and do better thare then NEvada he has left
the comfort of his home to try and do something am
sorry that so far he is unsuckcesfull. I am glad
you had the oportunity of seeing so much of the
lower country imagin it is so much prettier than
whare we have ben. You would laugh to hear Toots
she calls me Aunt Mollie altogether has picked
it up from the other children Margie & Mollie are
dressed, and out this morning to see the Nigrows on
parade, big day with them all in badges Lane
bands of Musick. Ide children seem to enjoy there
visit very much, considerable to amuse them
the first waggon of Wattermellons was on the
street this morning Morgie come a tilting I got
one for him put it on the ice to get cool he can
hardely wait untill it gets cool, severall little Girls
call every evening for Mollie to walk, and
when she gets dressed up puts on lots of airs, says
ask Papa if she will have any little Girls close
enough to play with. I ask Birdie this morning
whare Papa was. She said I cant find him
I took all of them out on Keens hill, last
sunday, to a big Nigrows basket meeting just
to let them see, and hear the Nigrows sing they
seemed spell bound. Lawrence Roberson was
up here this morning to see us, his father is
now 79 years of age, has sent for him to come
home, take his own name, he is very grey
looks also like an old man he remarked to his Pa
that he surely did not want a confed around
him he replied I am just as much one as You
are I have heard Julias husband preach. he prea
ches it the Reform church to morrow, like him very
well, the wealthy Reformers now call in other
Pheatons to see sister Stafford. She & him returned
Sister Harvey Graves call yesterday. Mr Staffords
father lives in carrol lty, owns 12 hundred ackers
of land, and lives in a 16 thousand dollar house
Poor Dora is the one I pitty, so much, has such
energy and to see her and her too little ones, all
her Young Married life blasted. She is quite
a fine looking woman, still in deep morning
does every thing she can for her little Orphans.
Lov I hope that we may be spared untill
our children are a little able to cope with the
world. I sometimes feel that my life will not
be a long one for I am far from strong but
I am now gaining in flesh and feel much better
eat hearty. Sister Fannie has almost three young
men and they are the pets of the town, started in
business so young Fannie gets 40 dollars per month
the other smaller wages are learning Jimmie is
one of the most hansome boys I ever seen, it makes
me feel quite proud of my Nephews when I
look at them. boots is now a Young man clerkes
for Mr Hinch. tell Bob his old sweet heart sisterin
law of Press Rigsdale is here now. Press & Judson
steaffee start a new paper to-day Johnnie Bell
was considerably offended. We hear the cars whistling
at all times now and, walk under the Sars lights
but the Nigrows are a great nussance here, steal
every thing they can lay their hands on. I was going
out to see Bellin at New Boston but heard that
the darkies had the Hooping cough amongst them
will find out before I go. In your last letter you
had one page of blank manage to fill out on
something if nonsense. I had a dream about you
last night take good care of yourself, and be care
while out with the strasher your life to us is worth
more than the money you might make. hope you
will sell the thrasher quite the business.

It is now saturday

night, Morgin would go home with joe, Sister Fannie
says she is just as partickular with him as I could be
and he seems to love her so much she never scolds
her boys, and you know that just suits him, to a tea
he liks all things smoth, Aunt Dode as they
call her is a little firm. Mollie & Birdie are just
going to sleep, seems very well Ma wanted to know
if the place is going away on her neck, I think it
is getting gradually smaller, and all of them think
it is less than when she first came, it is certainly not
gaining, that was my hope, that it might not increase
But as I near the end of my paper will close write soon
and often and excuse the poorly written litters of your
Wife she thinks the babie sayings of our children

will be more interesting than the News of the town suppose Mr Wheele

[upside down]
will be pleased to see Bob again. Birdie says she dont know
whare dog is Love to all, and a big hug & kisses for

Papa from Babies & Mama

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