August 12 1874

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 Sender: Tom Cricket
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Georgetown Ky
Aug 12th 1874

Dear John

Your favor of 29th

ulf came to hand several days
since and I of sure you I was
really glad to hear from you
it awakened old memories when
you and I were boys together
how times have changed; always
for the worse with me. I get
poorer as I grow odler, but thank
God I havent got much further
to go in that way and as to
my luck it cant get any worse
but Ive got completely hardened
I dont care what comes, “heres
a hart for every fate”
Well John I am glad to hear
you speak to fareratly of Cal
I expect to land there before
I die. I think God has cursed
me as a wanderer and I must
fulfill my mission. Keep on
the look out for me and if
you find a good situation
for me just let me know
and I will most asuredly
come. there is no news here
John everything pursues “the even
tenor of its way” from early morn
till every eve tis always the same
monotonous thing here. I sometimes
wish for a little shooting scrape
just for a change. I will
give you a little biographical
sketch of the boys here. Mat, Joe
George, families and ranch Lewis are
going to Texas this fall, they are
talking Texas now, (I am writing in
wists grveny) Frank Rankin (who
is farming) and Jim McDaniel who
is butchering an both going, and

with the west boys are now
talking it over. Speak is in the
drug business yet and making
money fast, Joe Elgin is manufac
turing Phantom Toiles powder and
making money, Frank Randol is
in the undertaking business just
commenced. Dutch allgair is doing
nothing but nursing he has five
children and one yet to hear from
Hemer Rhoton is practicing law married
Mrs Stony, Dave Adams is still in
the hat business. Bud pullen and his
father are still int he Saloon business
Ms Mill West is running a gambling
concern in Pratts hotel. The Godey
boys are all with their daddy in
in the grocery business. Bos Moody
sings in the church for a living.
Jud Steffee is P.M. Old George
apistanh. Prep Rigodal helps them
sometimes when Jud goes off on
a drunk, George West is broke
and doing nothing. Sever temper
ed and mean as the evil but
has a good heart too for
those he likes bus they are
very few. The Fitzgerald boys
are still in the drug business,
doing well. Mill Barkly also
in the drug business, not doing
much, Tingle Clerks for him–
Hinch, and Burns to help him, till
in the candy trade. Billy seems a
fixture there, and in fact next
the concern, all day were it not
for him the concern would go
down, Cal Barlow and Jimmy
still in the jurclny? business. Rankins
(Mills) and Jus Webb in the dry goods
business. Old Bill Pullen still runs
the confectionery business. fat and lazy
and dirty. Uncle Jimmy Betts clerks
for Ms Gaines in the grocery business.
Bob Spanor is in Lexingtond ont know
what he is doing. I ran the sage a
while. Johny Johnson and Jimmy and
Ms Peak are in Kansas City Mo.
John Marrion is in St. Louis.
Gran Williams is in Miss. Old
uncle Johny Beatts boys are in
Ala. farming. This I believe is all
I know about the boys, if I
have neglected to mention any
of them ask me about them
when you write. Dick Weeks has
just come in, says he is going
to Texas too. Sends his regards, he
is driving a wagon for a living
has two children. Henny lives in
Feyette with father who is running
a dairy Theodore Thornton is doing
nothing. drinks all he can get Ben
Chamber lives in Lexington clerking
Uncle Sap Betts is capentering. his
son Mo is clerking for Mr Q Emison
Old Doc Bartlett makes a living
by fixing unbrellas canes pistols
fishing poles, snooding hooks &c &c
drink every time anybody will
treat him. Bluford Kelly is -I
dont know where in the devil he
is- drunk though, whereever he is-
bill Lyon is just in from Ill.
hard up. Old Frank is farming.
Raw Larief is in Lousville, clerking,
Hun Applegate and sons are in Louisville
in the Liquor busines. Orville West is
in Charlestown Ill. a fellow shot him
a four weeks since, but he is well
non. Henry West lives in Little Rock
Ark, Uncle Clint and Aunt Ann are
boarding at Pratts. Climt out of business.
McDonald has converted the old stedman
Mill into a flowering Mill No other
changes than I know of work prospering
finely on the southern R.R. Uncle Is
and family are well. Kindest regards
to your family. Good bye. Yours as ever

Tom N. Crickett

We expect to start to Texas by
the 1st of Oct. Write before I
start- if not direct to Gatesville, Coryell
Co Texas

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