August 27 1877

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Monday Morning, August 27th 77

My Husband, dearest of all
I shall comence first by

telling you that all of your little amily this morning are quite
well. Birdie has had bad bowels, think she ate to much green
corn, but I have watched her diet very closely, boiled her milch
gave her some of Dr Barlows bowels drops, and she is now quite
well again, went to sunday school yesterday. Aunt Fannie says
if her Pa & Gramma could see her sitting up on the seat singin
away, with her little Fan Dress bonnet on, she thinks
that they would be ready to eat her up, Fannie says Mrs Dr Hall
Mrs Emerson, all the women down in the Hollar have to
stop her as she goes along, say they think she is the sweetest and
cutest little one they every say. Fannie goes in to extacies over
her. I received your letter and the money in a day or
two after $30,00 paid $02,15cts expresage on it am much
oblige. the children will soon be to shoe around again
they take picheres here very cheap want to send you theives
soon, on the 10 of September Roberson big Rail Road
Circus is to be here. Our Son came running in from
Hinches, whare he loafs & Dave Adams, describing the
great big bill with his round blue eyes sparkling
Oh Mama thare is to be a Chariet drawn by Elephants
other things to numerous to mention. You know he has never
seen an Elephant. I ask Mollie what I should tell
Papa & Gramma for her She says tell them that I

Jimmie Craig has remodled the G F Hotell runs it Young Jenkins is clerk at
$50,00 per monts

went up with a lot of little Girls to Bob Webbs, the Borles
and he set me up in a chair, cut my hair off, and cleaned
my head so nice with something in a bottle, he said he
used to know my papa. It is very fashionable now for
all the little girls, Young Ladies to wear short hair, I
have Matties that he cut off, it is so long thick and fine
they cut hair here, by machinery does it so nicely Pa
cut Morgie once, I curl Birdies. I have picked up
considerable flesh since I came, eat hearty, have quite
a solid calf on my leg, to what I did, have Ma said
it distressed her, to see me looking so, when I first came
she was not aware I had ben so sick, and then the
loss of rest traveling. Fannie says tell Brother John that
if his family are samples of the healthy country
that Ky has already improved them so much. I
think the change agrees with Mattie so well, she eats
real hearty, and is quite fat for her. When I think
that to day is the 27 of Aug it seems so strange it
appears to be so short a time that I have ben here
and yet so long away from you, how true that in
this life our joyes and sorrows are cominggled. I
enjoye myself so much at home with them all, and
nothing disturbes me as long as our children remain
well as they are. You speak of it being very warm
here, we have had only one spell of hot nights
this month has ben so pleasant, sleep under cover
every night, in fact they wear thick dresses now
so much more here, than they use to I can
not see no great diference betwene the summer
here and ours thare. they say here that their summers are
cooler all the time. Mr Snodd-Grass that married Salli Parks
was up last Monday to see me talks as though he would
move to California if he could sell out here wants to
go south of San francisco, Bob Sparrow, Wife, three
children were up to see us yesterday they live in Paris
Bob drinks considerable says had he met me on the
street would never have known me thinks that
I look so diferent to what I used to. Mr Triman
the old man was here to day have promised to
visit them. I think I will go out to your aunt
Fizzies the first of next week. I am pleased to hear
that I have friends thare. That make inquiries as
to my welfare. has Bob got thare yet tell him that
thare is strong talk of the mariage of Will Hirin &
Miss Colwell. John is quite devoted to Nolin. You would
be supprised to see what a ball head Jess Webb has
he and Paul Bankins son have a very fine store
but sumor says jess loves his Beir he is a member
all the family of Mr Venerables church. I went
yesterday to hear john Gonoe his head beard are
snowy white, to be or Mr Venerable last night -A K Richards
sat behind us he has too little doughters he is
broke all to prices, only holds the entailed
propiety and in case of no make heir, what
goes to other members of the family and not his daugh
ters. Keen is a big fat man now. Im sorry to hear of
Emetts bad luck think I shall write to your Aunt
Jane while here she wrote to me before I left Quincy
Mattie says a lesson eveyr night after we go to bed I al
ways read your letters to them when we get in bed answer
all questions concerning what Papa says when you get
this write us a good long letter if your threshing
does not prevent. Will you not have to make more
than one trip below to move all you wish to. I
do hope that it will agree with us all even if
we are more in the country thare, we know
that we are not so far from Rail roads as
up in Plumas Jim Taylor & Wife sent word they would
be over soon to see me Jim is broke all to pieces he
use to run the Merchants Hotell in Cincinnati
kept it like a palace effects of fast high liveing
Bard Clark works for Pa he has made quite a
good looking man I used to nurse him often when a
babe he calls Birdie Warrior. Fannie sits back
and nearlie dies laughing when she gets with out of
her tantrums. But I and Dora have promice
to go and see Sister Movely this after noon will
close for the present. Emma Degarris that use to
sing the A72 song has lately married your
methodist preacher who has ben officating here
10 years has mad men & women of so many we
left little children like ours should we live that
long, will have made ours almost men & women
Did Granma get the pipes low is Unckle Dave
making it what does he think of Sallies being arried
tell Granpa Haun that Granpa Burns took all
the little boys out fishing saturday but morgie failed

to catch a fish but gets a big wattermellon every once in a while

Love to all lots of kisses love for our own dear
Papa affec as ever your loveing Mollie

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