August 30 [year unkown]

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Sender: Dora Burns
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Sunday August 30th

Dear Sister & Brother

This being the Sabbath day I feel that I could not

spend it in a more agreeable way than by writing to you all. The church
bells have just chimed out this silvery peals inviting all to come to the
different places of worship, and me thinks how sweet their sounds would be
to Mollie’s ear. Ma has gone to Church but Eddie not being well I have
stayed at home with him, Charlie Boots has just come in and brought me
some nice salt rising bread that Ma sent Eddie how much I wish you
had a piece of it for it is so nice, Boots looks so fat and well. Ma
received your letter last Thursday evening, I had been up there all evening
and had just gone home when Rob came in with it so I did not know
anything about it untill next day, Rob brought it down to me we were
all so glad to hear from you but sorry to hear that dear John had
been so sick, god bless him for being so kind and good to you, dear sister
you know not how much we have become endeared to your Parents
there, and friends for being so kind to you and always trying to
have some enjoyment for you, Boots is always so broud of his letters
he says he has already been acting Coon for the grapes are most ripe
and looks so tempting, he wishes sister Mollie & Brother John had
some, Mollie my three boys go to the Presbyterian Sunday school
in the morning and the Episcopal in the evening, Lee is very
proud to day he has got a teeket paper and two books, thinks
he is as large as Tom, he is the stoutest built Child I have and
so fat, I feel very uneasy about poor little Eddie he is now teething
and it goes so hard with him, he will be 18 months old the 3rd of
September and has only 6 teeth, and has cut of them this month, he is now
cuting his stomach and eye teeth which makes him very poorly and so cross

[upside down] The children all send their love to Aunt Mollie & Uncle John
their school will commence next Monday they talk so much about you.

his feet and legs are very much swollen, and he does not try to walk any at all,
Gilda nurses him & Henry does the cooking they do very well (Evening) Ma did not
come home to dinner she was invited to Mrs Ann Lemons to eat Peach
Cobbler and she says it was so nice. There is no one at home but Mr
and Mrs Lemon, Anna B is down at her Aunt Margrets and Dinks has gone
to Clark, She has no one hired but Marys little George, they have had her
room papered and painted, and she bought a very handsome yarn carpet
in Lexington, Dinks says she believes she will have that for the parlor, it
looks so nice Mrs Lemon is still good at talking and snuffing. Ma and Becca
Lemon have just come down, Ma had read your letter to Becca she seems so
glad to hear from you they are very nicely fixed in their new home
it is keeping them busy to watch the negroes for they are having baptizing
and you know there is a crowd. I wish you could have seen Aunt Ann
Banks dressed up with a hat on and her Sunday rigging you know what
taste she has, Pa has been elected Yawn Marshall and he had had ot
put a negro man in jail for whipping his wife to day the negro
tried to run but they were too fast for him he has more trouble
with the blacks than any one else there is not a day but when
home time enough to go to Church to night. Out Conference year
will soon be over next Sunday is Bother Hendersons last Sunday
here his wife came over with him the last time. They have 3 very
interesting children and she is such an agreeable pretty woman the
members are all very much pleased with her. The Mite Society
made him a present of a fine suit of clothes, Conference will be
held in Frankfort this year, How much I wish Brother Holland would
be sent back here, the Mr Moores who bought June Wards place have joined
our Church They are such clever nice people. (night) Well Mollie as Dora has gone
to Henry County on a visit Mr Dickey has come down to see Ma and have
a chat with her, they are having quite a gay time on the front Porch
She says tell John that she is giving Mr Hickey the same advice she used to
him he seems to be dreading to ask the old folks she tells them she
will ful their pulse for him, as she told John. I guess he has not forgotten
it, Dora has written home for some money to buy cans and sugar to
put up Peaches, she says Aunt Lue has a good many and she can have
as many as she wants her health is improving but she is still taking
medicine, her and Aunt Lue are going to attend the Shelby fair and
she has been down to Lagrange visiting Neal & Ike, him and Mr Marsden
have a dry goodstore there and are doing very well they board with Mals Sister
Belle. Mrs Risley and Pet have been down on a visit to see them Ike
sent them the money to come on, she says Mal weights 180 lbs and
there is nothing the matter yet with her they are going down to the
state fair at Louisville and want Dora to go with them she says that
she will go if well enough, I hope she will enjoy herself, Orie Sullivans
wife has a fine son but he is in writehed health they are boarding
in Frankfort, Cousin Fannie Hershaw was down here last Friday evening
we read your letter to her how much she longs to see you and says
Mr Hershaw so often says how he would like to step in and see Mollie
and what she is doing, cousin Fanny say John you may call her Cousin, Sister, or an
thing you please, for she cant help but love you because you are so
good to Mollie, She says she has been doing a good deal of her cooking this
Summer. but has a very good cook now, I think she is improving but
I did not say anything to her about it she wore a lacque and looks
very much like it, Mr Hershaw has been sick most all Summer but still
she says he looks fat and hearty, Mr and Mrs Marvin came over with her
they send their love to you, Cousin Fannie says they have taken up Oldham
Taylors wife and she is now under arrest they think she poisoned him
what first led them to suspicion her was her going to New York to claim
his Life insurance money, he was taken up and examined and it was proved
that he had been poisened, what a shocking thing it is, they say that him
and her lived a good while together before they were ever married I do not
know how true it is but I hoped she will get what she deserves. Dave Adams has
lost his baby it was very strangely affected and suffered so much and so long
they took it so hard, Mr Jeff Adams is very sick now himself some think he
will never get well, his disease is like Grand Pa Ellises was. And oh dear Sister
how can I bear you The sad sad tidings of dear Brs Barkleys death what
a gloom has been thrown over our midst by her death she was such a kind
neighbour and so livily and cheerfull. she had Typhoid Flux and suffered
so much Doctor Rankin and Doctor Elliot & Bryan all waited on her
then did all they could to save her, but alas it was all in vain
she was perfectly conscious all the time and was so anxious to get well
Mrs Priss White was the first one of her sisters that could tell her of
her situation and she said to her that the doctor and all could
do nothing more for her that she must put her trust in the Lord. he
alone could give her aid, her reply was that she did trust and pray to him
but could not bear the thoughts of leaving her children, John asked her
what she wanted him to do with the children and tell him all the
requests she had to make poor fellow he had to leave her two or three
times he would get so full before she got through and it seemed to
excite her so much to see them crying, she died very easy towards
the last she threw her arms around Doctor Rankins neck and asked
him not to forget her children, she could not bear for John to be
away from her and after she had got blind she kept calling him
when he was right by her all the time. She sent for Mr Pullen the
morning she died and told him she wanted him to see and get a
lot out to the new cemetry and to send out and have Mr Barkley
taken up and buried in the same grave with her. he told her it should
be done. she died Sunday 20 minutes after I poor dear children they
took it so hard the next morning Pa went out with John in a buggy to
have his Pa taken up. They had his remains carried out to the grave and put
in a new box, the coffin lid had sprung a little and they opened it. John & Pa
looked at him, but he had all turned dark and covered with mould. her funeral
was at 4 in the evening Mr Venerable read the service there was a great many
there and such a long procession, their bodies were both placed in the same
grave side by side, God grant they are resting in peace, for she had a hard time
she was always so glad to hear form you. Guss and Frank live at Mrs Herrings
John & George at MRs Priss Whites and Mollie she lives at Mrs Bells Mrs
Barkley requested Eliza to take care of her, Hillis he stays at the drug store
and eats at Mr Tingles, the house is to be rented out, Frank Allgair
and his wife were down to look at it but I have not heard
whether they are going to take it or not. we  will never have another
neighbor like her. There has been another sad and sudden death too
Mr Bundle henry downings husband he had been out overseeing some
thrishing and came in the house and died immediately, he had
been complaining some time but not very much nothing serious as they
thought I think he has left 4 children but she has plenty to live on, there
was also a young Mr Price for near Oxford brought here and buried, he was shot
in a water melon patch in the very act of stealing, how dreadful! Pa says
he was with them the day they took up Mr Barkley. How true the
proverb “in the midst of life we are in death” but my daily prayer is that we
all may be spared to meet again, Brother McGinn was down a few days
ago he has been to Virginia they sent for him to come and take
Doctor Hobsons place he went to see if he would like and seems very
much pleased, but they want him also at Marysville and I think he
has made up his mind to go there, for he does not want to have Kentucky
the members are very loth to give him up they have had their church newly
epapered and fixed up it looks so nice. I suppose you had heard
that Jimmie Johnson was now a preacher, he opened meeting to day
and made a beautiful prayer, Bob & him and Mr Elliot are now
3 young ministers of the Gospel and are having a good sucess where ever they
go. Julia has at last come home after an abcence of 8 weeks, she was part of the
time in Clark & Lexington & Woodford, she had quite a gay time got her a
every pretty brown Lustre suit in Lexington, and is now hurrying to make it
for Ida Price will be married in a few weeks and she wants to go up to
the wedding they are going to have quite a large one. she is making a very
handsome beaded cushion as a bridal present for her. Aunt Ell and Mr PRice
are going up, she still boardes Mr Hickeys father stays there a good
deal of the time, her baby is a very fine child but not as pretty as Letie
was she has an old black woman hired and keeps Dick and Birds little
Fan, Vira was so trifling she would not keep her Bird is living in the
country, and Mary and family are still at old Aunt Anns. The new church
will soon be done They are getting along so fast with it, Mr Jeff Shephard
is making an improvement he is raising his house another story and
will have a double portico. Mrs Webb also has bought her place back and
has had it all painted and those little frame rooms where John used to
stay have been newly fitted up and painted They looks so nice quite an
improvement, How much I wish you all were here to attend the Fair it is
to be held in Mr Herndons woods on the Frankford road near the Cropings.
Alice & Frank will be near it as they have moved to the Cropings to
live. I expect Frank and Mrs Holding will do well there. The house that
they live in here has been bought by an Irishman by the name of
Crane they have moved into it and seem to be very nice people
they have two grown daughters one of them is married, and her husband
has bought MRs Saunders place, his name is Cummings he is a
Southerner and very well off. We have Bridget also for a neighbour she lives
in the old Lee house and keeps an Irish tavern you might term it. Mr
Edmonson is going to put up a business house on the corner, Mary Edmonson
was up a few weeks ago she has such a fine baby and looks very well. Gabe
Fitzgerald and Jodie are both in the way again, you know what I mean,
Sue Ford, Mollie Weeks, and Mollie Maddox are all looking out Mollie Dr Rankin
and Laura Johnson are married, they went on a pleasure trip to Niagra Falls and
when we next heard they were married, old Mrs Miller did not like it much,
Mollie Bettie Shelton has rented that frame room of Doctor Elliotts and is
going to carry on dress making on her own hook Mr Crumbaugh said he would
help her, Mrs White is going to quit dress making and just carry on the
Millinary business, she is not able to carry on borth for her health is bad, she
has bought her a fine $300 rockaway and such a nice horse, Emma and
baby are both improving. Grand Ma and Uncle Will both send their love
to you she received a letter from Aunt Tish, stating that he was very poorly
The Doctor says she has dropsy Ella is still int he assylum and does not
get any better. cousin ellen Howard went to see Mary Jane while she was up
and she knew her and seemed to talk very rational, She said to Ellen
how strange it is that a persons relations will forget them seemed to think
they did not care anything for her, but I believe her temperament is very
disponding. Julia is very much obliged to Mr Miller for his picture and
also to Mr Dave Haun for the Gold, we think your dresses are all
pretty that you have bought and I have got me a buff calies very much
like yours, I have sold my green silk and intend getting me a brown
lustre suit they are so fashionable, Tommy Fingle was down a few
evenings ago with her baby, it is such a fine child and she has fattened up and
looks so well, they have torn down the frame house that Mrs Tophouse
lived in, Tommie is more sociable than she used to be, her Grand Ma
seen her baby here for the first time, for she never goes there. Mary Ellen
Prillen looks fat and fine she sends her love to you and says she will answer
your letter soon she looks rather thin all your friends send their love
to you Mollie write soon and often your letters come so much
quicker than they used to, how glad we will be when the
railroad is done. for oh how much I long to see you Charlie sends
his love to you and says he snuffs most as much as Mrs Lemon

he had to walk with a cane for his foo dis still sore and troubles
him so much, they have had a good many nice burgos soups this
summer, we are now having plenty of Water Melons and some Peaches but
they are not very pleatiful and so high, I am now canning tomatoes
and want to make some ketchup, but tomatoes are rather scarce, we
will not have many pickles the dry weather killed the vines, but now
are having plenty of rain. have had quite a good garden this hear
and a good many grapes I want to make  some wine and sweet picle
you know what nice Aunt Betsy used to make and she gave me
the receipt when she was down. Bettie Ragg spent the day up home
last Court day she is in bad health and came in to see the Doctor
she has something like desease of the heart said she was going to
write to you. I forgot to tell you that Ida was going to marry the
genttleman that waited on Anne Rishbacks husband he lives at the
Mammoth Cave, they would prefer her loving at home but she will
go to his home. Bob has had so many to join under his preaching
and seems to be so much beloved, I hope he will do well, Ma
received a letter from Laura Taylor the other day she was the Blue
Licks when she wrote and was having quite a gay time, she will
not visit us this Summer her health is not very good, as long
as Eddie is so poorly I do not care much for you know it makes
me have a good deal more to do when she is here, Dear ones I
could talk to you all day but must bring my letter to a close
God hasten the day when we my all meet again is my ardent
Prayer my love to your Pa & Ma Lizzie and other friends I sympathize
with Lizzie but hope she will get safely through accept of our

best love from your loving Sister Fannie

[upside down]
John if you remember you said the next time you seen me you
expected I would be a little old woman with a stick I hope
I will not, but I am going down hill only weighing 91lbs god bless you all
yours Fannie

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