August 5 1869

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 Sender: R.B. Neal
Sender Location: Mnt. Lion
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Mt. Lion, Aug 5th 1869

Cousin Mollie,

Yours of the 7th was
received a few days ago, and having leisure this
morning, and knowing how the “wanderer”
appreciates letters from “to home” or kinfolk
I hasten to reply- I hope that I may often
present myself to your “minds vision” if
it will elicit a letter from you. You
were right in you supposition about my
going home. I went and saw Aunt J & etc.
but your letter was forwarded to me
for I had left before it arrived.
The old burg is nearly “gone up” now
sure enough. It has been and is so dry
a place the wonder is any of it was
saved. After seeing the home folks, you
couldnt content yourself there a day
I know much as you long to see them now.
“Make hay while the sunshines
Tell John if he cant make it this kind of
weather he had better give it up, for the
sun shines hot, hotter, hottest here. So hot
a man cant enjoy himself, sitting down
standing up laying down or moving what
flies, fleas, knats and hot weather make life
barely endurable in this section
Billy came up with Aunt J
and is now at home. Charlie is by this time
in St. Louis, and Henry is taking care of
himself at last accounts. Mr price lost
very little by the fire, for the very best
of measures, you can guess what it is.
The Times has resurrected again and
will be resumed as formerly. Fifteen dozen
houses are going up- and the result
of the fire will be a neater nicer looking
town. Pt needed burning out to put
a little life in it and give he loaf
ers something to do. Cleaning B brick &
I want to see Cal just as
bad if not worse than you want to
get home. More than that I expect
the coming year I will be unable
to do so, from the fact I have accepted
charge of several congreations- But at its
close if I am not mistaken or disappoint
ed I bid KY farewell, and go to the
front I feel it my duty to do so
if no congragation build one, the greater
the need the more binding the duty
One of my young friends B.S. Gundner
starts next month for Cal several of
the midway girls are going with him
He wants me to go along even now
I have an unanswered letter
to that effect laying on my table- But
it will be impossible for me to do so this year.
Mollie as economy is to
be aimed at, if you will warrant
me a heck of a girl after I get
there I wont bring one, save expen
ses &c you  know- But I come to think
I had better take one with me
John Haun had to come to Ky to
get one that is evidence enough
that there is none out there.I have no news to
write. All were well when I last
heard from home. I have charge
of some of the nicest best ordered
congregation you ever saw- My
soul delights in the work of the
minestry- it is truce sacrafices have
to be mad, trial and trouble to
endure & c but these are concomitan
of every station in life- They are
to be expected and must be endured
my love to all- kiss morgan for
me- tell JH to write when he
has time and be certain that your
“mind eye” sees me again before
many months- street Cynthianna
Hurrison Co. Ky. This will be my
P.O. the coming year-
Your aff cousin
R.B Neal
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