August 6 1889

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Aug 6th 1889

My Dear Mollie

Having some Papers

to send you and as this is all the blank
Paper I can find about the House you
must excuse it with the Promise of getting
a long Letter in the near future Rob
wont let me enclose to him a Letter
in the Papers, you dont know how we
enjoyed your good long Letter and then
news from Rob also Morgans Picture
This leaves us all well, your Pa and
Charlie is very Busy, Charlie with 5 or 6
hands has been Painting the Church
and School House at the While Selpher
for the last  4 or 5 weeks goes of a monday
and returns Saturday, expects to get through
this week, they say it is beautiful, all the
inside Mr Twyman was to see us last
week he is very feeble makes his home
with Leo the youngest Boy Leo has bought
the Jilts Johnson Farm a beautiful place
Carrie Kidd has been with us for 2 weeks
On thursday last she was sent for to come
Home immediately her Brother Claude had
been thrown out of a buggy and seriously
hurt, very much bruised but no bones
broken, Harrie has been down and spent
his Vacation of two weeks now gone back
Tom Jenkins left yesterday for New York
and other places on a pleasure trip with
some business, Lee is going to some spring
on his return his health is not good
Fannie and Mrs Jenkins well as usual
Julia and family well, Julia has had all of
her teeth taken out to have false ones in
Mrs Morris and Mag was to see us on yes
terday, May lives in Louisville she is a Widdow
wild as ever, they looked at your Picture
Dora and Beatty all are well, love to all Devoted Mother

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