February 28 1878

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Febuary the 28th 1878

Dear dear Husband

I shall do as

you did in yorus, first chronickle the fact that all of us
are well, as we feel this with papa will be the most
interesting item, this morning is clear, frosty and bright
weather to be desired, in point of health & like yourselves
we have had a warm rainy, sickly winter. I am thank
full that we so far have escaped thare has been
scarlet fever, all over portions of Ky. Tell Ma I have
not been to Aunt Lizzie Moores consequently have not
answered her letter, as I thought she would want to
hear from thare. Brian called to see me, on yesterd
ay was here, also on court day but I was at Fannies
they have lost their second child Thornly with the
scarlet fever named for Unckle Moore he doted on
him, called him Sannly for pet name, he was
2 years 7 months, their oldes Maggie has ben as low
with Pnewmonia as she could be to live, that
was earlier in the winter, and since Thornlies death has
had the fever in a light for me. The babie 7 months
has not as yet had it. Aunt Lizzie was with them
in their offliction. And I htought it not best to
go thare. Brian seemed to feel deeply, while relate-
ing their troubles. I should think Lizzies youngest are
liable to it, but they put him away with out ceremons
of funeral, used disenfectents, took him to the Lexington
Cemetry his wife had a sister to die of consumption, and
the Nigrow nurse contracted the disease first, from parties
at the funeral, out from Lexington. Ellies children are
all well Brian said Aunt Lizzie was so anxious to hear
from my chidlren we keep them very close. It is in only
three families in town that I know of, Hue Oneals
the Presbeterian Preacher Judge Panes Granchildren of
George W Johnson. Aunt Ell says it is all in her eye, that
explanation of yours, of those Cal suppers you and Rob
are attending no telling what kind of Cal suppers she g
ave. Toots is at my trunk going through it she raised
up in bed this morning said Pon my word. Papa
was here last night. She startes in sometimes cleanes
out every, child on the place she is surely one of
the blue hens chickens wish you could see her rared
back in her little chair reading the almanack. Pa
is out at the new Depot at work, and it being a
pretty morning let Morgan go out thare for a walk,
Mattie is down stairs romping with Beatti & Harris.
Mrs Ann J– says she has been saveing a hard yarn
to tell you, but as you are not coming to hear it
she will have to tell me Tell Rob Mattie Betts
is marrie. Madam semor talks of Charlie Neal.
Ida H– Mollie B– John H– I met with Mollie at
Aunt Ells yesterday they always ask after Rob I told
them of his new flitter Girl. Bob N– is improveing
Julia family dined at the Burbon house with him
wife. theyhave changed board of Dr’s new treatment she
says he looks badly. Morgie talks lots of the boat his Gram
Pa is makeing for him claimes it exclusively says Mattie
may ride in it when he is in a good humor with her
I can scarcely believe that tomorrow is the first of spring
I send you Mrs doyls letter you will see what she
has written but just haveing moved and a small house
I guess we will not be in much of a fix to enterain
in my last to her, I said if the contemplated visit-
ing Aunt Jane I should like her company ot
Cal you see her answer.

One oclock Thursday evening, I attended

the Batist church to day, day set apart by the [flat to?]
have special prayer for all institutions of learning seen
Dr Bennie Keens widdow thare she is large & fat also
Mrs Campatell she looks quite old, and to see all
the schools on parade how hansomely they dress are
not restricted to uniform now. when your toothless
old Girl comes, she does not want to spoil all your
fun going to Cal suppers but desires You to have
all the pleasure possible as no large share are alotted
to us if we embrace all. whare have you all
got to 9 miles from a post office, roads impassable
those are shinners, hear of no school for the children
hope you all are pleased hope I shall be. Morgie
has got home, found on the railroad a new
pencil of which he is proud. Ma says the trip
has improved the children but not me. I seem
to run down in winter have never entirely recovered the shock
my system encountered last spring. I look at Dora she
seemes so big strong fat hearty she Julia, leave Fannie
I far behind as regards health. I would for your &
the childrens sake I was more like Dora. Mr Price says
he should like to see Mattie if she lives to be frown, he
thinks she will be the pretties woman in Cal Mrs S Ford
says she heares toots over to her house talking says she
thinks her so sweet looks just like little Lallier Aulighire
she raised asks after Dae suppose he will be down
when we got home, when ever you think proper for us
to start, send and I shall gather up my crowd, guess
would be well to let the weathr get settled have
[illegible] storms in March. when every they think
it safe. I have no fears, will see them all at aunt L–
Joe Lemon wife are now liveing together again. The children
are wondering if the grapes Amons will ripe when they
get thare. The court house is in an ofen square flag mones
all round, the Goddes of liberty has on a blue ribbon
is a murphy Our son Morgin induced me to join
and he may not be always as capable of resisting me
influence of Liquor as his pa for Morin is not a
lam in ways Mr Moore and many others says Pa will
never die while he lives, and Unckle Will gets tight
when ever he pleases, he is coming up from Paducah to
see me & children before we start home but your
toothless old girl of whom I now you feel proud must close Love
to all, write soon. affec your wife Mollie Haun
family all join in Love to you all

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