February 5 1878

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 Letter 1:
Sender: [Mollie’s Mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Letters 1 & 2:
Recipient: [Mollie’s Brother]
Recipient Location: [unknown]
 Letter 2:
Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY

Feb 5th 1878

My Dear Boy

far away not forgotten though neglected you think
Can a mother forget her Child no never, every
feeble Prayer is nightly offered in your behalf
to him who is able to take care of my. Absent
Boy, let not the snares and temtations that
surround you, make you forget you have a soul
to save, or Heaven to obtain, Live is but a
Spare, narowing of your acquaintances that big
fair for a long Life, whens you left now fill
an early Grave. Your letters was bott received
for which I thank you, in one you said not
answer for you was on the move, the other
writen since you moved I have been a little
careless owing to a multitude of care, arrising
from a large family, but then Mollie was
writting every week or two and I knew you
was hearing from home. You wish to know
Mr Fouslee address in San francisco, last Sum
mer there was a man by the name of Waggoner
a brick layer, working on our new Court House
said he was from there and was going back
when he left your Pa gave him a letter of
Introduction to Mr Tom Fouslee of San Francisco
telling him to look out for his Boy, that you
was in Sonoma County, and might accidentaly
Stumble in on him, if so, to do what he could
for you, in the way of assisting you to get
work, it may be that man has never got
there, but you can very early find him
he did keep a large Paint Store, and was presi
dent of the Painters Club, he boarded with us
and worked for your Pa when we lived in
Lexington before you was born, I think I would
go there and see if there was any opening
before going back to Nevada. Your Pa has had
but little to do this Winter, he is now Painting
a new Hotel that is going up out at the
new Southern Depo, put up by Thompson the
Stable keeper for rent. Julia and children left
us a week ago for their new home in Jefferson
ville Indianna, Mr S has taken Charge of the
Church there, they give him a good Salery and
then he can be at home all the time, the
good sister had the house in order, a nice
hot dinner, and all kinds of Groceries laid in
when Julia got there, they write us word they
are much pleased with their new situation
little Bob your name sake is a noble looking
boy for his age, Fannie was up yesterday her Boys
are in the same places, Charlie Boots is still
with Mr Hinch. Our united love to all–
your ever affectionate and devoted Mother

[second letter enclosed]

February 5th 1878

Dear Brother
I am sitting in the old writing chair

ovr at Granma’s house, Ma ackupies her room, Beattie
Birdie are at the window it is a beautiful sunny
bright day, we thought we would fix up some papers
send you write, Morgie Got his Gram’ma’s letter and flowers
last night, he was delighted, can hardly wait to get
home, help her raise poultry, hunt eggs, And like he
did here, about fishing, cant hardly wait to take
his hat off before Papa must take him to the sea
Ida H– hollows at me every time, she sees me to hear
from Jan sends lots of love says she is glad Bog
his california sweetheart are at outs. {Jan know I alw-
aws till it all} manor says her brother John Mollie
Barklie will marrie although cousins. Ida& Mollie
are two pretty Girls. It is reported Mollie Bets is
soon to marrie a gent of Nickolesville. her Sister has
an heir. Tell Ma I received a letter from Mrs
Doys, last night she still talks of visiting Aunt
Jane in the spring. Colier Vanghn Aunt Bettie
both hapned here last Friday together Colier
had just received a letter from Jennie Wheeley
her Aunt Ware said, Colier I should hate
to have to answer as intelijent a letter as that
Mrs ware wants me to come home with Colier
see them. Aunt Bettie says she gets letters from
Sriss, the boy Mr Haun wrote off, and he
is married liveing down south on what she
terms the old time Ridge or bob Rankin place
has two children, is doing well his mother is also
in another part of the south. Bettie says tell miss
Patsy she would love to live near her & thinks while
she was broken up might have come to seen them
You say John looks lonesome, so far as I am
concerned he shall never be again he has grati
fied my desire to look once more upon Ma, Pa
and I shall never willingly leave him again
want to see him so bad, Ma has ben complaining
for several day but is on the mend I feel uneasy
in regard to Pa he seems to be affected similar
to Mr Mires I think, Ma has failed feels her
age considerable. Mary Stowell & children are here
she likes me has felt some uneasiness about her
children, thare is still scarlet fever in town. I
make Morgin play at home, he and Mattie are
keeping two still in order to get one of Gran’mas
pet mice to come out after crums. Fannie
was up yesterday he or from Brother Stafford Julia
often. Bob & wife will be at Aunt Ells soon has to
leave the city Toots named her doll for cousin
Joey you would like her so much. S.F. Cory is
to speak here the last of the week, he is the finest
speaker I ever heard, he is enlisted in the murphy
movement all apolliges for past offences. You

know I think lots of Rob, and we want to see you too if we

[upside down]
did scold Love to all we will write to Unckle Dave

Aunt Jane children was delighted to hear Gran Pa & Ma
took old Watch down. he the houses we will think
see me like old friends Love to all write affec your
sister Mollie

Give us your opinion of the country how do you
like it

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