January 1 1889

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Jan 1st 1889

    My Dear Mollie

I hope you have enjoyed a
Pleasant Christmas and that
this may be a happy and Prosperous
year to you and yours. yours of the
4th of Dec has been received also the
Papers giving us an account of Mrs
Hauns Death, from what you said
in your Previous Letter it was
not unexpected news, but we were
Surprised the time had been so
Ling since, thought the Children
would have dropped us a Portal
you no doubt must have been
broken down must have been
broken down, Mr Haun and Morgan
both away, and the Old Gentleman
with all of his Informites could
not be of much assistance only
to sit by her and watch her wasting
Franne, he has our Sympathies and
thoes of his Old Friends here, he must
feel Lonely indeed, I feel thankful
you had kind and loving Neighbors–
This is Beaty birth day, sweet sixteen
she got some nice Presants during the
Christmas week, Carrie Kidd and Harry
came down, Dora fixed her up a nice
little Party Christmas night, we had
company for Dinner, we spent one day
with Fannie, one with Jenkin, I wish
you could see Julias House, it is up
and under cover, going to be so nice
there is now six men at work on it
the cistern is dug and ready for water
Tom Jenkins got a large black cake
handsomly Ornamented for a Cristmas
Gift from a Lady, come by rail, also
a White cake for his birth day the 2nd
of Dec, some of hte Girls would give their
Eyes for Tom. This leaves the Families
all in their usual health, hope you are
all well Our united Love to all affection Ma

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