January 15 1880

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 Sender: A F Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mrs Huan
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Jan 15th 1880

Mrs Haun
My Dear Madam
It was with no small degree of plea

sure I received yours and John united letter
on Christmas morning, although it made
me a little tremulous for a while seeing
it was not Mollies hand write. I soon got
over that on opening and perusing the con
tents., to hear from our dear Children in
the far distant West is always a joy to
the household, but on Christmas morning
when we are expecting Gifts and better
things it appeared more joyful.
Sorry to hear you are so complaining,
hope it will not continue long, another
trip back to Kentucky will about cure
you, try it, glad to hear your mind
is inclined that way, push things, through
and get them all in the notion John
dont like the idea of coming back to Ky
poor, thats all bash, he wouldent be
the first man that every came back
there Dr Adams and a host of others
put all the blame on Mollie, tell the
inquisitve ones you came back to
gratify your Wife, she wanted to be
near her relatives, Mr Cherric called
to see us a few days ago, and to get
a letter directed to you, one of the
girls had written, and did not know
your address, ere this reaches you
you will have received it, and no
doubt she has told you all the news
concerning your relatives here, her Mothers
fortune left her by Mrs Smith they
are going to build a new house on some
land they have lately bought from
Harrie Smith for some of their children
Mrs Moffin has lost one of
her Daughters. I saw Bell Matter
at church on Sunday last

Mrs Noncy Webb was sick about
one week, she was taken with
Granpa Charlie from drinking Butter
Milk and eating boiled dumplings
but she was subject to such spells
she aly for several days in an uncon
cious stupor, with very hard loud
breathing, and her eyes wide open
could hear her all over the house
died in that condition, Mr Veneable
read the Episcopol burrial service
over at the house, he remarked she
had often said she wanted no funeral
sermon preached over her after death
her Caffin was covered with flowers
and a long procession to the cemetry
the girl and Jessie took it so hard
they still keep house. Julia Lemon
told me a few days ago she had
been to see Mrs Tom Barkley and
Julia they were both proped up in
chairs not one able to help the other
Julia has a very distressing cough
said to be in the last stage of
consumption, the neighbors send
them their meals, they live at the
same place. Sarah Ford and Gabe
has been very poorly all fall and
Winter, Sarah has the Plathisie the
most of the time, she looks badly
Betty comes every once in a while
to inquire about Miss Patsy, I see
Jason driving his cart occasionally
Fannie, Mrs Jenkins and boys are
well, the boys still persevering
at their some buisness, Lee and
Charlie stick up to their church
Dora and Child ran well, and per
sereving as ever, never idle, Julia
now occupies Mothers house and
it is so pleasant to have her near
us, Mrs Stafford has three susidays
taken up, the children are pretty
well over the Whoping cough, you
see by the papers that Franky Ward
is married, we have seen none of them
since you left, hoping to hear favora
bly of you soon I close by sending love to all

A F Burns

Fannie has not written to
Mrs West I will write to her
it had gone out of my mind
until you spoke of it

[upside down]
Morgan Mattie and Birdie the dear children how I would love to see them
and hear that little Birdie sing once more our love to them

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