January 16 1883

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Our love to Mollie when you write
does she seem satisfied how is John
getting along, wearing himself out
with hard work and exposure

Jan 16 1883

My Dear Son
Yours of

the 30th of Dec with the Pictures
has been received you ask me if I
think you have changed much I do
had they howe been shown me by
one out side of the family I never
would have taken them for you
I think you are looking so thin, like
you was just out of a spell of sick
ness, Mollie in some of her letters said
you was spreading out and getting
to look so much like her Pa, and
I think she said you weighted about
140 lbs, we had hoped to see you
looking robust and hearty,the upper
part of the face looks somewhat
natural, 6 years and more has made
a great change in my Boys looks
I love to think of you as I last saw
you, and as you look in the Picture
I have hanging over the mantel in
the Parlor, I often look at your Boyish
face and Pray that no ill may befall
you, and that I may see you again
in the flesh. O Rob why dont you
come home, you have not accumula
ted any more than you cout have
doore here I dont suppose you and
Charlie is very easy to get along
with, and a good Boy, your Pa is
Old and I fear will never get good
use of his arm again, he complains
of its paining him more or less
all the time, the weather here
now is to cold and disagreable to
Paint, but they have got through
with all they had undertaken
but there is plenty to do as soon
as the weather will Permit
The new Hotel is up and ready for
Paint besides several other buildings
I wish you was here to night to enjoy
fun with the Boys they have an
entertainment at Barlows Hall
for the benefit of the Confederate
Home at Warrendale, Charlie Boots
makes a stump speech, Jim Jemkins
takes a part, Lee is one of the Band
Ellis Kidd one of your Cousin Phils
Kidds boys is here from Lexington
came down to asist with the musick
he is splendid on most any instrum
ent and a good singer he is teaching
a class of Boys vasick, and plays on
the organ for several of the churches
in Lexington and is not more than
16teen there is four children, 2 girls
and 2 Boys and they are all, so smart
will be a great help to their mother
you remember their Father died
with small pox and their mother
has had a hard time to raise her children
Lizzie Miller is here from Cincinnati
making us a visit, been here 2 weeks
I suppose you remember her, Sis Hildas
Daughter, she is quite accomplished
in Books and musick we heard of
your being at Red bluff in a letter
from Mattie Haun to Lee Jenkin,
how far is it from Quincy and do
you have pleasant Winters, what do
you pay for Board, and is Prices good
for work, do you enjoy good health
how much do you weigh, answer
this and let me know if you receive
it and answer all my questions, Julia
sent us for a Christmas Presant a large
Box of Eatables, Turkey, Sausage Lard
Spare Rib, Butter, Pickles Honey, Jam
Cabbage Potatoes, Parsnips and other things
she is well fixed and likes her home
Mrs Hinder is all broke up and the
store has been sold by the Sheriff
Fannie and Boys well Dora and Children
well, it keeps Dora busy to clothe her
self and children, all join in love to
you and hope to see your Devoted Ma

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