January 18 1886

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

        Jan Mon 18th 1886

My Ever Dear Children

            I feel as though

it was about time I was writing
to you and sending some Papers, all
though I have received no answer
to my last, which was written short
ly before Christmas, but this Season
of the year the [moils?] is uncertain
the last I received was dated Nov 18th
A few days ago we received a package
of Papers the San Frencisco Cronicale
of 20 pages a very interesting Paper
nothing written on the margin by
which we could tell who sent them
or where from, the direction did
not look like Robs, the Package
had come lose, Mr La Rue might
have sent them we have had
no tidings of him since he left
The New Year came in mild and
Pleasant as a spring morning, found
us all enjoying our usual health–
but it did not last long before
there was a change, it snowed
and it blowed and it Frir so that
we could not keep warm by the fire
but it has now moderated and we are
comffortable we have had a big Fire on
our street Christmas week, the large
Brick House of Mrs Julia Lemons
burnt to the ground, it was burning
for a week or more, had their winters
cool in the cellar, it was insured
also their Furniture, Lee Jenkins
has been in Bed three weeks with
an Absess on one of his Limbs
Coursed by over exertion and get
ting wet out the fire the Doctors
think, being in a store all the
time he is not used to any hard
work, he says he is now well but weak
thinks he will have to walk on
Crutches for a few weeks, Jim
has been at home for a few days
he has a situation on the Pan
Handle route at the Depo head
quarters at Reading Pa, he looks
fat and well, says his next break
will be for San Francisco, Tom
is still driving along seems to be
doing well, but he is not communi
cative, Jo still at the Post Office
Mrs Jenkins does a heep of grunting
nothing to do but to eat, and try
and keep warm, said she thought
she was Freezing to death a few
nights ago, Fannie is looking thin
fatigue waiting on Lee, Sunday 17th
worker Birth day born in 39
your Aunt Ell gets no better
wearing out, so nervous and histerica
cries so much of her time has a
White English Girl to wait on
her and do her work, Billys mind
is so much impaired and the lass
of one Eye he will note be able
to take care of himself that troubles
her a good deal, he immagined
a few days ago you and Rob had
come, come up and asked for you
Rob is still living in Louisville
Charlie in Lexington, and Henry on
account towards helping them to get
along, Mr Price looks very feeble
not able to do much, I guess they
will have to live up their House
if the Town dont appropriate some
thing, heard from Lizzie Moore all
well, Bryant had some kind of Fever
and a hurt from the kick of a horse
he never got over, leaves 4 or 5 children
her brother stays and carryes on the
Farm Mr Moor manages, Charlie
met with Nora Ward at a Party
this Christmas he says she is a very
pretty girl goes to school in Lexing
ton at the Sayers Institute, Ella
has a school Jonny Kidd your old
Beau Died a few days ago in LExington
our united Love to all Lovingly Ma

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