January 27 1887

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Sender: [Mollie’s mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: [her children]
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Jan 27th 1887

My Dear Children

It has been some time since I received a Letter form
you, the last I think was given the account of Rob
Visit to you, it was quite a lengthy Letter and full
of interrest, therefore I must not sckold, we have heard
since through Matties Letters to Joe, which we appre
ciate highly, but they are not so comforting as a long
Letter from our own Dear Mollie and Johns would be
if he is like our men folks he finds a good deal of
time to set around the fire this Season of the year
The first month of the New Year is drawing to a close
and the greater part of it has been very Severe weather
the last few days has been pleaster Spring Like–
This month always brings to my mind the 2 dear little
Boys we lost in 61 Willie and Noland one on the 6th
and one on the 12th As the years roll round I think of
my Angel Children in Heaven, safely housed, had they
have lived, they might have wandered off as Rob has
done and forgotten her that gave them Birth, we
know not what we are raising Children for, and it is
well we dont, we must try to be submisive and part
our trust in the Lord who doth all things well–
we are so apt to be complaining and think the
World so unequally devided, some hoarding up their
rusty dollars, while others leave not the mercarys
of Life, but where much is given much is required, so
let us be content, if we have good health that is
the greatest blessing, Luxurys often cause many Doctors
bills your Pa and I have been married nearly 50ty years
And I know he never has spent as much as 5 dollars for
medicine for me in his Life, should I live to see the
28st of Feb I will complete my 72nd year, I dont think
any of my Girls stout as I have been, Dora is the
stoutest, but she complains of an affection of the throat
and Head a good deal like your Pa used to, Something
like catarrk, your Pa has found great relief from chewing
the inside bark of the govering Asp, an Indian remedy
said to be a certain cure for Dispepsia. George town is auful
dull this Winter, nothing for Mechanicks to do, we have
a New Paper started, I will send you one, Harrie has
got a situation in the Office, but the poor fellow has to
work for nothing, and we board him, but he was concious
to learn and seems to like that Buisiness, Dora has not
had much to do this Winter, is now busy but not very
profitable work, some Shirts Fannie took in to make
and got her to help on them, her Boys are able to keep
her without taking in work but she will do it, Jo is now
getting $20 per month at the Post Office, Tom has given
up all other business, and gone into the dry Goods buisiness
Lee is clerking for them, Jim is in Cincinnati helping
himself, Jo Miller came up and spent Christmas week with
us, he is almost a young man, him and his brother Jimmy
have taken their Fathers place in the confectionary, Sis has
taken a Home further down in the city, Julia and family
well, Jasper is now at Home after an absence of 2 weeks
holding a Protracted meeting at one of his Appointments
I stay with Julia a good deal when he is away not much
news on the hill, B Lemon stays closely at home, she says
when she see the Sun go down she prays it may never rise
on her again, Billy Neal does not improve any Charlie put
him in the city. Hospital for treatment but they did not
keep him long, said he was to much trouble, all are well, accept
our united Love you ever affectionate Mother

have you heard from Bob lately

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