January 29 1899

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Sender: [her sister]
Sender Location: Louisville, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Sunday Jan 29, 99

Dear Sister

Harry sends you one of

dear little pets pictures we think they
are very good, she is walking and talking
very bright of course. This is a clear cold
day we have had company for several day
Jens cousin she has just left lives in
the city, she Luey & I went to church
this morning the church heated by
gass. we have a warm comfortable room
use an Anthorite stove but have grate
in all the rooms we have had come very
cold weather. Jen went to Lexington
and staid a few days her little niece
died of Pleumonia Luey & I kept
Hayel she was very good. Hayel has
on a white silk dress embroyerdes york made
of a handkerchief Tom gave Jem the
michler was aunt Beatties, she has
on two little rings, Jimmie Jenkins
was pulling up radishes in the garden
at home last summer & it was on one
the raddish had groun through one
so he gave it to her. I think it one
that either Birdie or Beattie last it
looks familliar but I cant place it
she has in her hand a bunch of flowers
I send your sister Fannies letter there
will be some news. I hope you will
not get seared about the sickness
there is nothing contageous, there
has been a goodeal here, mostly from
colds, but we are most through
our winter weather. Harry is very
anxious for the girls to come out
and stay some with us, we do
what we can to make them have
a pleasant time. Jimmie i am
fearful will never we well again
but he may get better & live some
time I dont think he would lasted
long in the hospital, am glad
he is at home with mother. Tom
and Lee has done so much for
him, he has wasted money ought
to had more than either had
fine business qualities and good
positions, but too fond of that
cup which which has reeked
a bright career of so many, he
was clever & free hearted like his
Father Harry has gone out for a walk
this evening. I have been at the
dressmakers for a few days, will
be there several more days, she sends
for us the work comes in, we
have a light warm cheerful room &
pretty view see the trains coming
& going, & the girls make it very
pleasant, But dark is coming on
I must close, have not seen
the Laking girls for some time.
Mrs Maria White & Bob live
here he has two grown daughters
Lone to each & all

Your sister


[from:] Louisville,
Nov 30 9:30 AM

Mrs. M. C. Haun
Quincy Plumas
California CA

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Dec 8 1900

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